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The ‘Weiner’s Secret’ Catalogue Is Out!

15 June 2011 @ 16:41

A sneak peek, courtesy of the National Enquirer and The London Daily Mail:

A blow-up of one section:

See also, Stacy McCain’s latest report on the scandal that has made Americans go ‘Eewww!’, in which he asks an interesting question:

Meanwhile, another aspect of WeinerGate is long overdue for an in-depth examination: What kind of “fan” was the 17-year-old Delaware girl with whom the New York Democrat admits he exchanged private messages on Twitter?…

Inquirering minds want to know.

  1. 15 June 2011 @ 20:04 20:04

    This simply will not stop. What’s next, Weiner posing with donkies?

  2. M. Thompson permalink
    15 June 2011 @ 20:32 20:32

    When ever there’s a camera you don’t control around, think, “So, would I want this to be shown at every grocery store in America?”

    Also, why hasn’t one of his (hopefully soon to be ex-)colleagues suggested a vote for expelling him from the House?

    • bobbelvedere permalink*
      15 June 2011 @ 23:16 23:16

      Matt: He is a donkey, don’t forget.

      MT: Good question [you know the kind Bolshes never answer]..

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