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Health Care And The Road To Hell

15 June 2011 @ 14:56

A few items on this subject have caught my attention in the past couple of days...

-I’ve long maintained that, if you want to see what lies ahead for us if we keep going down the Socialist path, look to the countries that are most like us: Great Britain and Canada.

This is especially true when it comes to Socialized Health Care, as those two countries have been suffering under that tyranny for quite some time. The most egregious example: every day one can read The London Daily Mail and find at least one horror story of patient mistreatment and/or death due to the NHS [here’s today’s].

The shameful treatment of patients is not the only awful result of the government controlling it’s citizens health care. As you would expect with any such program, it is a black hole for money, draining more and more of the public fisc as it gets older. This has resulted, in Britain, with the mothballing of it’s aircraft carriers and facing the mothballing of it’s Harrier Jump Jets.

As Stacy McCain comments:

One of the problems with ObamaCare is that this massive new entitlement program will steadily drain away tax money from the federal budget — including the defense budget, so that the United States can no longer afford to defend its interests abroad….

If Socialization of American Health Care is not stopped dead in it’s tracks, we will become weaker in a world where the enemies of freedom are getting stringer and, thus, bolder, every day [thanks, in part, to the actions of Barack Hussein Obama].

As TOM commentator and Friend In The Either, Joe, remarks:

We might just find a greatly weakened military is not good for our health.

Just sayin.

Slap a Surgeon General’s warning on that sucker.

-Over at NRO, Dr. Marc Seigel looks at Obamacare from the perspective of the doctor/patient relationship. Two highlights:

In terms of the individual mandate, Obamacare’s biggest deception remains the euphemistic use of the term “health care” in place of “insurance.” For Obamacare is not only unconstitutional in compelling a patient to buy a product, it is also suspect from a public-health perspective since having insurance does not guarantee access to health care. The inability of universal health insurance in Massachusetts to stem the flow of ER visits because of a shortage of both specialists and primary-care doctors directly debunks this myth.


Technology will inevitably be imperiled by an insurance system that covers every cough and sniffle and is over-expanded to cover the 30 million plus people who lack it. As costs skyrocket, federal bureaucrats will tighten their belts, and committees and boards like IPAB will restrict services. The problem with this approach is that it not only compromises quality of care, it also hamstrings doctors who believe that medicine is an art, where different treatment choices work for different patients. This is becoming more and more apparent at a time when our most effective — and expensive — new treatments are targeted therapies that respond to genetic abnormalities. Since everyone’s genetic signature is different, approaching illness and treatment from this perspective defies the one-size-fits-all insurance model that Obamacare perpetuates.

Doctors will flee, not only because of shrinking reimbursements amid the ever present worry of frivolous malpractice suits, but because our options for treatment will become so restricted that we will no longer be able to practice effectively.

You will get to keep your doctor, provided that he doesn’t restrict his practice or retire. In the meantime, I would suggest you ask him what he thinks about Obamacare.

My oncologist is dead set against it, but, as I pleasantly found out, she is a conservative, so, no surprise there. However, even my primary doctor is against it and I will never forget the shouting match he and I got into during a visit in the late 1980’s where he had nothing but praise for the idea of Socializing Health Care [interesting, eh?]. If he’s turned against it, that tells you something right there.

The practice of medicine is an art: I have seen the importance of this first hand when I went through cancer surgery and treatment five years ago. In some areas, I fit the standard profile, but, in others, unique ways of handling my case had to be devised. Socialized medicine tries to squeeze everyone into a one-size-fits-all category and doing so is never, ever, is a good thing [Hell, as someone who can’t buy such hats because my head size in 7 7/8’s, I know this for a fact, in addition to being a victim of big headitus – a victim, I tell you!]. What you end up doing is dragging everyone down to the lowest level of quality. I suppose it’s just another attempt by the Left to impose Equality on us all.

-If you want to experience someone, supposedly on the Right, who advocates a Brooksian-like thickheadedness about this matter, then, by all means, please click here and read Mary Claire Kendell’s column over at Pajamas Media. A highlight:

Many conservatives deride the 2006 Massachusetts law as ObamaCare’s twin and Tea Party poison — a comparison Obama smugly reinforces. But, in fact, ObamaCare and RomneyCare are apples and oranges. Whereas ObamaCare reduces what doctors are paid; RomneyCare ensures that doctors are, in fact, paid when a patient, who could otherwise afford it, lacks insurance.

Also, as Romney underscored in Monday’s CNN debate in Manchester, RomneyCare did not raise taxes, whereas ObamaCare does — to the tune of $500 billion — in addition to shifting $500 billion out of Medicare to fund it.

Huh?!? Massachusetts has, indeed, raised taxes to try to cover the massive debt Romneycare is imposing on the Bay State.

Well, what do you expect from someone who offers this kind of praise and advice:

But, Republicans, [investment banker Christopher] Whalen says, should out-progressive Democrats and do what is right, which is TR writ large. TR basically stared down Wall Street, thus saving it from itself; so should today’s Republicans.

On second thought, please don’t waste you time reading this bink’s drivel. Apologies – I don’t know what I was thinking….’TR’…Christ.

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