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‘He’ll Have To Go’ or ‘Let’s Sext Again, Like We Did Last Summer’ [Updated Below]

09 June 2011 @ 11:14

Put your sweet treats
A little closer to the iPhone
That’s pretend that we’re together, all alone
I’ve got a plan
To take one more picture way down low
And you can tell
That dickhead with you
He’ll have to go

[with apologies to the late, great Jim Reeves]

After a twenty-four hour or so break from blogging about Anthony ‘I’ve Got A Monster In My Pants And It Does A Funny Dance’ Weiner, I have dared do another post!

-First things first” I must say, I have been remiss in not really appreciating Ace until now. His commentary and analysis on this story has been insightful, brilliant, and witty. Mea culpa [send me a Tweet of your yabows ladies and I’ll seea culpa].

-I’ve seen the picture of a picture of the member from New York City and am compelled to ask: does he shave down there? If true, how Beta-Male of him, how Metrosexual [how friggin’ gross].

-Stacy McCain has a report up on the release of the pic, Andrew Breitbart’s statement [which satisfies me that he didn’t have anything to do with it’s release], and on the announcement of Weiner’s wife’s pregnancy. He also covers the calls for Tony Putz to resign:

Today, I was talking to a Republican operative who said, “Who cares whether he resigns now or not? He’s been neutered. Can Weiner accuse Republicans of wrongdoing now? . . . I say, let him stay.”

Solid reasoning there, but Weiner’s political uselessness as a liberal attack dog, now that he’s been “neutered,” is precisely why Democrats will be utterly ruthless in throwing him under the bus…

Three points: (1) in this case, that would be the short bus and (2) I want him to stay in office, so the braver souls in the House GOP [I
know, I know, stop laughing] can just silently point at him when discussing Democratic malfeasance and (3) if his wife has any brains – any at all – she will kick the dickhead out ASAP. .

In the Comments section of Stacy’s posting, Adobe Walls comments:

We want Weiner to remain for as long as his party is willing to be stupid. He’s not a person he’s the enemy one of them part of an organization that must be destroyed. We don’t want him to resign because oblivion would be too good for him, though [as] it is, we don’t want him to stay in Washington because it hurts his family or to cause him pain. We want him to stay because it harms the Bolsheviks. We want to harm the Bolsheviks because they will, if left unchecked, extinguish the light of Humanity. Any thing that harms them is good. They are our enemy, if allowed to take our villages they will hack off the inoculated arms of our children. They are the enemy. They. Are. THEM.

Dead solid perfect.

The Pagan Temple concurs in a reply comment:

That’s the way I see it. …no doubt they are not “the loyal opposition”, despite what asshats like Krauthammer and Will try to portray. They are the enemy, plain and simple, and they are in the long run as malefic, if not worse, than the most hateful jihadi by virtue of the fact they are American citizens with the power of a government they want to make grow unchecked much like a cancer, with themselves of course in total control.

We’ve got to injure the sons-a-bitches as hard as we can, as often as we can. Inflict a thousand cuts and a thousand infections will bloom, to the point where the enemy drops dead in a heap of bile. This is all out-war against the Left. It’s time we adopt a thermonuclear strategy and be ready to use tactical nuclear weapons on a regular basis.

-As of the original writing of this post, Tony ‘The Pinged Dong’ has resigned as yet and I think Stacy’s theory is the most plausible one:

…Nancy Pelosi can’t have this thing drag out forever, stepping on her message. She wants him out — ASAP, PDQ, yesterday.

The problem is that Weiner knows this as well as anyone, and therefore can drive a hard bargain. I expect he’s negotating behind the scenes for something in the way of a “severance deal,” with a guaranteed six-figure salary for a no-show job at some progressive 501(c) non-profit, as the price for going away nicely.

According to the New York Post, Huma’s trying to keep Weiner in Congress, a story that seems incredible to me, and as Ace says, “[I]t’s one thing for a wife to be supportive. It’s another thing to be war-rooming it.”

Therefore I’m thinking the Post story is just a way for Team Weiner to send a signal to fellow Democrats that they’d better sweeten the pot on the “severance” payoff or else, The Human Stain is willing to hang around the Capitol and keep effing up their message just for spite.

The Democrats know how to play this game, and so they’ll give Weiner whatever it takes to get him to go quietly, a move I expect to be announced today, or by Friday evening at the latest.

-Mike [aka: ThatMrGGuy] has a post entitled: Joan Walsh Outs Herself As Stupid. You’re being waaay too kind, my friend, and she, well…she’s a known ignoramus, first-class.

-Ace is on the case of the possibility that Tony ‘Shrivel Sacks’ was communicating with underage girls.

-He also has the 411 on the newest gal pal who has been outed and who he was communicating with in August of last year – less than one month after he got married:



When did this guy get married?

Oh, right, July 11, of the month before.

Ah well, you know what they call it: The seven-day itch.

-Chances are, I’ll update this later. For now: I’ve gotta take a shower and wash off the stink of rotting Weiner.

UPDATE at 1647…

-Tony ‘Six Inches’ gave an exclusive interview to Kevin Fasick and Clemente Lisi of the New York Post.  Some highlights:

A defiant Rep. Anthony Weiner said today that he’s not resigning.

In an exclusive interview with The Post, Weiner, 46, said the sexting scandal that has plagued him for the past week is not reason enough to give up his House seat.

“I’m not,” Weiner said when asked by a Post reporter whether he planned to resign.

Weiner also said he planned to get back to work after spending Wednesday holed up in his Forest Hills home.

“I’m going to get back to work as best I can,” he said.

“I betrayed a lot of people and I know it and I’m trying to get back to work now and try to make amends to my constituents, and of course to my family of course,” he added. “I’m going to go back to my community office and try to get some work done.”

Weiner reiterated what he told the media earlier this week.

“As I said when I spoke at the press conference on Monday that I exchanged inappropriate things with people and, I think that I’ve now got to deal with those consequences,” he added.

“I was completely honest on Monday after I hadn’t been for a while,” Weiner said outside his lawyer’s office in Midtown.

After your performance these past two weeks, dick breath, no one believes a Goddamn word you say.

UPDATE at 1915…

-Over at the Frugal Cafe, Vicki has up another fine aggregation, but is torn between wanting Tony ‘Schlong’ to stay or resign.  She also has a clip from Red Eye with Andrew Breitbart and Greg Gutfeld enjoying a little Schadenfreude.

-DaTechGuy asks a very pertinent question:

How come a congressman who never even had physical contact with these woman MUST resign but a President of the United states with a longer history, and actual oral sex with a woman in the White House not only didn’t have to resign but was defended by many of the same democrats expressing outrage now?

Good one, Pete!

-Over at Conservative Hideout, Matt reports on the sad and pathetic case of a young lady who is so desperate for attention that she’s trying to put herself in the Weinergate story.

Another lovely Photoshop from Carol Sheeple.

Just got word from Stacy that a new blog has appeared dedicated to Douche Nozzle [Second Class] Joan Walsh and, lo and behold, it’s being run by our good Friend In The Ether, Dan ‘BFW’ Collins!

-Speaking of America’s Favorite Chubby Chaser: in offering his opinion of whether Tony ‘Waxed Jewels’ should stay or go, Dan get’s all nostalgic.  Also, check out his takes on various aspects of the story here.

FLASHBACK to August 2010…

BARRY: I’m telling you: listen to Barney here, don’t be a dick.
He knows how to get away with this kind of stuff, man.

  1. Adobe Walls permalink
    09 June 2011 @ 14:26 14:26

    The Social Democrats can’t force him to resign without help from the Stupublicans. To avoid waiting for the slow painful ethics commitee process Speaker McClellan has to allow a vote. Unfortuately I doubt the house leadership posseses the requisit killer instinc to maximise (let alone enjoy)this gift from tony Tony. If it comes up for a vote the entire Republican cauces should abstain.

  2. 09 June 2011 @ 17:30 17:30

    Thanks for the link. I know Walsh is the epitome of stupid ignorance, but thought it was real nice of her to go ahead and state it for the record.

    I also agree that Weiner isn’t going to go away quietly like the Democrats would like him to. I think your assessment is right in that he will hold out for some kind of big pay-off to leave Congress. It’s amazing how these Democrats can step in shit and come out in the end with the proverbial gold watch.

    Phoebe says that she doesn’t think he will resign. She says that they’ll have to pull him out of office kicking and screaming.

    Mike G.

  3. 10 June 2011 @ 00:53 00:53

    Thanks for the link Bob. i appreciate it.

    As for the wife, she ought to give him the boot. The behavior seems pretty entrenched to me. He’ll do it again, or something similar. It’s just a matter of time.


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