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Amandzilla: The Muddled Monger Of Malodorous Muck

08 June 2011 @ 10:03

In a mini-essay worthy of inclusion in some future book of his [hint, hint], Dr. Robert Stacy McCain performs microsurgery on Amanda Marcotte’s pablum filled bromidic-laced brain. She has penned a thousand-plus word article that tells you exactly where she’s coming from [and it's a very dank, dark place with spiders and worms and wall-to-wall bat guano]: The Worst Thing About Weinergate? The Total Obliteration of Sexual Privacy by Ideologues Like Andrew Breitbart.

A biopsy:

Note how Ms. Marcotte deploys “ideologue” as an epithet against Breitbart when she is herself an avowed adherent of the ideology of feminism. Indeed, if it weren’t for her idolatrous devotion to feminism, Ms. Marcotte would have nothing to write about. Her entire raison d’être as a writer is to filter the world through a feminist lens.

She is one of those writers who, despairing of achieving notoriety in the larger literary world, seeks a readership in some ghetto niche occupied almost entirely by third-rate talents, so that her occasional second-rate contributions appear conspicuously impressive by comparison. And in her feminist niche, the only standard by which anyone may be judged is according to their zealous devotion to The Sacred Cause:

Weiner has an outstanding record supporting sexual rights of others, with100% ratings from NARAL and Planned Parenthood, and has a strong record of support for gay rights.

See? He votes the right way. And isn’t that what really matters?

Indeed, she would have nothing to write about and would have to pass the time sitting alone on her couch clutching her favorite stuffed animal, a pint of Ben & Jerry’s and a glass of vitamin water by her side, watching reruns of Sex And The City, thinking of the vibrator waiting in the next room.

Sadly for us, Mzzz. Marcotte has to earn a living and luckily for her there are enough men and womyn and transgenders and bi-curious out there who think like her, so she can spew her bile-filled sputum.

…Contrary to what Ms. Marcotte suggests, Andrew Breitbart does not randomly mount “harassment campaigns” against innocent scapegoats, nor is he likely to begin doing so. She employs Breitbart as a nightmare bogeyman to frighten her readers, whom she assumes (and perhaps rightly so) to be so childishly naive as to fear that they might be next on Breitbart’s Big List of Victims.

So speweth Amandzilla: ‘It could happen to you! YES! YOU! Lock up your transgenders, lock up your dykes! Run away! Run Away! Andrew Brietbart roams the Earth [er, Gaia] like a Golem in search of random Enlightened ones like YOU and me to victimize!’

As Stacy writes about Marcotte, so it is true of all Committed Leftists:

When we see such a reliable pattern of wrongness, such a horrific intensity of hatreds — toward men, toward Christians, toward Republicans, toward Andrew Breitbart — we know that we are in the presence of irrational belief.

Facts or logic do not inspire Ms. Marcotte to lash out at Breitbart, to heap obscenities on the Duke lacrosse team, to denounce America as “a nation of white supremacists.” These are expressions of prejudice, of deep-seated neurotic obsessions which evidently gnaw at Ms. Marcotte’s psyche and compel her to adopt a perverse ideology as a defensive shield against facing up to the unfortunate reality: The problem in her conflict with the world is not the world’s fault, but her own.

The fault, dear Amandzilla, is not in the stars [like Mr. Breitbart], but in yourself – you deranged and pitiable clown. The next several paragraphs of Stacy’s treatise explain this better than I ever could, so please do take the time to click here and read this magnificent post [and I truly mean 'magnificent'].

Hell, she even looks like a douche [and, yes, I know, that's insulting to all the normal, everyday douches out there, but check out the pic in Stacy's post and you'll see what I mean].

SIDENOTE: Mzzz. Marcotte is a merely a manifestation of a more serious problem: a mental illness that infects so many women [and men] in this country to varying degrees today. There is a strong stink of unreality that surrounds all of them and it emanates from a core of cancerous ideas that were grown in the sterile laboratories of Leftist minds. We’ve wasted too much time worrying about possible epidemics of biological diseases like Swine Flu, Ebola, and Small Pox, when we should have immunized ourselves against the the more deadly ideological one: Leftism. Now, we’re all infected to one degree or another – no one is untouched by this virulent, septic, and lethal virus.

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