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The Putz Tut-Tuts / He Don’t Remember If It’s His Member [Updated Below]

02 June 2011 @ 17:47

WARNING: I may be all punned out on this one; we’ll see…

-There’s no shortage of new developments, but I’d like to mention the biggest one first: our good Friend In The Ether, DaTechGuy appeared on Boston’s Fox 25 morning show yesterday to discuss Weinergate.  He did a damn fine job on his first TV appearance and I loved his Front Page, city editor look.  Stacy McCain fills us in with some background here.

-On his way to and from Boston yesterday, Pete interviewed some folks to see what they thought about L’Affaire de Schlong.  He also reports on an interesting development in the story.

-From Pete today: Weinergate Becomes CSI Twitter

-Today, Stacy turned his attention to another part of the story:

Much suspicion in the WeinerGate scandal has focused on the Twitter user @PatriotUSA76, who identifies himself as Dan Wolfe, but who is unwilling publicly to confront questions about his role.

It was @PatriotUSA76 who, some weeks ago, specifically predicted an online sex scandal involving Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY), and then quickly spotted the Friday photo-Tweet that launched the scandal. Several liberals have accused Wolfe/@PatriotUSA76 of having “hacked” Weiner’s account to create a hoax, which Wolfe denies. But, as the Smoking Gun reports today, Wolfe “claims he is fearful that his leading role in ‘Weinergate’ will focus attention on a multitude of his own ‘major personal problems’ that he is “afraid…will all come out.’”

Please do take the time to read the rest of the post [which has been updated] here.

-‘What about Ginger, that porn star who Whiny Weiner follows on Twitter?’, you say.  I think this photo essay I did yesterday covers it all [although she certainly doesn’t].

-I will update this post after dinner.

UPDATE at 1927…

-Ahhhhh…[real Italian] pizza soothes the soul….

Ace smells fear.  I say: don’t knock it, Tony, the wurst is yet to come.

That’s not funny, Ace!  But the meat of the posting is ROTFLMAO-funny.


Ace reporting:

They got it.

Panic button. Battle stations.

Red alert.

They got it. I don’t know how they got it, but they got it.

We are undone. We are undone.

Yes, what I’ve been struggling to push Politico and everyone else away from is…

Clarence Thomas is behind WeinerGate.

My God, you have no idea what a relief that is to confess. I’ve been carrying that weight around for a year and a half since we first started planning Operation: COCKTALON — um, um, I mean since Sunday. Yeah, since Sunday, when I learned of it myself, when someone I don’t even know tearfully confessed his guilt. Confessed his own guilt, mind you, and not, for the record, mine.

I’m just a patsy.

Wait, I don’t think that’s a good thing to say.

Oh well. #JackRuby’d!

Stacy’s right: he’s having way too much fun with this.

-Donald Douglas has a good update on some of the latest twists and turns in this story over at American Power.

-His Majesty King Shamus wins the award for best short description of this story: ‘Anthony Weiner’s priapic foray into online romance’.  Damn eloquent, eh?

-Matt’s latest top-notch aggregation over at Conservative Hideout.

Good stuff from the Darc Prynce.

-I love it when William Jacobson gets sarcastic.

-Paco thinks this is all just an innocent misunderstanding.

-Over at Three Beers Later, Richard provides a very useful lesson for all us guys in taking steps to ensure we never run into Little Anthony’s problem [ie: not being able to ID our own Johnsons].

-He also reports the breaking news that the roasted Weiner has been arrested in DC for channelling his inner CREEP [if you get this reference you’re either well-learned or old].

Good point, Richard.

-That’s it for this evening.  It’s been a long, hard day for me [always is, IYKWIMAITYD].

UPDATE at 2309…

-Stacy has filed another report here.

-Chubby chaser Dan Collins has been doing some weiner chasing today.

  1. Adobe Walls permalink
    02 June 2011 @ 20:46 20:46

    Since I’m not that old but I do remember that CREEP is the accronym (sorta) for Nixon’s reelection commitee I must be well learned.

  2. 02 June 2011 @ 21:18 21:18

    Thanks for the linkage sir.

    Weiner certainly is living up to his name, isn’t he?

  3. KingShamus permalink
    03 June 2011 @ 00:00 00:00

    Bob, that is a helluva compliment. Thank you, sir.

    I gotta tell ya, I think the blogosphere has really taken this Weiner and ran with it. I mean, we’re just eating this Weiner up like it was going out of style. Some folks are getting tired of handling this Weiner, but I say we should all thrust ahead and keep pushing away till we reach a satisfying climax that makes all parties happy.

    Oh God, my Immature 5th Grade Pun circuitry is gonna fry out any second here.

  4. 04 June 2011 @ 09:01 09:01

    @ King Shamus and Belve-daring: LOLZ!LMAO!The Blogosphere would be so lame without you two punmeisters and why I’m just now discovering King Shamus is probably because I’ve had to work ’round the clock with no time to blog. Teh Twittah has saved meh via our mutual virtual friend Mind-Numbed Robot who retweets King Sheezy for reezy.”Weiner” jokes are funny.

  5. 04 June 2011 @ 22:49 22:49

    Is he a WEEner or a WHINEr? Well, I don’t suppose it matters either way.

  6. bobbelvedere permalink*
    05 June 2011 @ 19:12 19:12

    Adobe: Or G. Gordon’s illegitmate son – which I’ve suspected for a long time now.

    Matt: Oh Yes!

    Your Majesty: Just remember to be very careful if you run with your weiner.

    Red: You made my day, Miss WOOT!

    GN6: Both pronunciations are acceptable in this case. Reminds me of a joke my old Jewish girlfriend liked to tell:

    What’s a Jewish girls favorite wine? ‘Daddy! I want to go to Miami!’

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