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The Lord Helps Those Who Help Themselves…

31 May 2011 @ 14:45

…as this report makes very clear [tip of the fedora to Drudge]…

DHAKA, Bangladesh – A 40-year-old Bangladeshi woman cut off a man’s penis during an alleged attempted rape and took it to a police station as evidence, police in a remote part of the country said Monday.

"As he tried to rape her, the lady cut his penis off with a knife. She then wrapped up the penis in a piece of polythene and brought it to the Jhalakathi police station as evidence of the crime," police chief Abul Khaer said.

The severed penis was kept at the police station, and the rape suspect was undergoing treatment in the hospital.

"We shall arrest him once his condition gets better," Khaer added.

We here at TCOTS wish the resourceful lady a very speedy recovery.

SIDENOTE: With all these penis stories coming out [no – absolutely no! – pun intended] in the past few days, one has to wonder if we are not experiencing some kind of Weinermaggedon or Putz Apocalypse.

Need I remind you of the predictions of Nostradongus, Drivingthattrain 69:

The present time together with the past
Will be judged against the great Putz with jug-ears:
The world too late will be tired of him,
And within the short shrouds will the rising happen,
Erect shall the slippery poles stand inside them.
The year of the great eleventh number accomplished,
The sausage on the roasts cooked [with onions and peppers],
Members will appear at the time of the games with joysticks:
Not far from the great millennial Who-Hoos of Fems,
When the buried will go out from their tombs
And maketh the wangs dang-le.

What else could it be?

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  1. 31 May 2011 @ 16:45 16:45

    That woman deserves a medal. IMO this ought to happen more often when a guy tries to rape a woman.

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