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Blogger Outage Update

13 May 2011 @ 18:47

Here’s the latest from PCMag, Chloe Albanesius reporting [tip of the fedora to Techmeme]:

Blogger on Friday blamed data corruption for a bug that took down the service for more than 20 hours.

Service has since been restored, and users should be able to publish once again. Blogger is still in the process of restoring some posts that were temporarily removed due to the glitch.

In the wake of the trouble, Blogger on Thursday returned the site to a pre-maintenance state and put everything in a read-only mode, so users couldn’t post to their blogs. That was a pre-May 11 version, so posts published after that were temporarily removed. Blogger is working now to restore them.

So, most of the Blogger blogs are back up, but I don’t know if the proprietors can post as yet.

I do know that Pundette and Zilla have set-up back-up sites over at WordPress [tip of the fedora to Sam Foster]:

I’ll get these on the blogroll soon.  If you have an arrangement like this and are on my blogroll, let me know and I’ll do the same for you.  I’ll be doing the same for my couple of Blogger sites in future.

I first discovered the problem last night when I went to link a posting from Paco and his site was gone.  ‘Are the Obama and his toadies so fearful of his run for the Presidency, which has being gaining momentum and cash, that they arranged this “glitch”?’, I wondered, ‘After all, the folks at Google are one worlders and all that’.  The Republicans in the Congress should look into this matter and look over their shoulders. Where’s Art Bell when you need him?

  1. 13 May 2011 @ 19:11 19:11

    I was a Blogger refugee. I haven’t posted anything new, but a couple features I had queued up for today have posted and the comments are coming in again. And the Thursday posts they took down temporarily are back up. So, it looks like we’re back to normal.

  2. 13 May 2011 @ 19:58 19:58

    I’m back up. Ann Althouse got hammered though, and Google’s being assholes about it.

  3. 13 May 2011 @ 22:36 22:36

    The Obamunist attempt to sabotage my presidential candidacy has been thwarted!

  4. 13 May 2011 @ 22:43 22:43

    I don’t doubt it. Those damn commies! The hubby and I took the opportunity to start a together blog on WordPress. Trying to figure out the settings and changing the design over there, like how to make the banner wider. I’ll be adding everyone to the blogroll shortly.

  5. bobbelvedere permalink*
    15 May 2011 @ 20:02 20:02

    Paco: You’re welcome.

    Tere: Let me know when it’s time to promote it.

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