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Hopey Change And Overacting

11 May 2011 @ 08:31

I’m still catching up with what was going on in Le Blogosphere in the second half of last week when I was self-pickling myself up in the wilds of New Hampshire, so I’m late getting to some things, like this…

In light of our brave, courageous, and gutsy Navy Seals [no, General Barry Sixteen Hours, I’m not going apply those words to you] putting two in the hat of Osama Bin Laden, some on the right have expressed a hope that King Barack The Unready has changed into a war President. This triumph of hope over experience is best exemplified by the Editors at The New York Sun who wrote last week:

One of the encouraging aspects of the events of the past few days is the emergence of a new and more confident President Obama. This wasn’t always the prospect in the first two years of his presidency, in which he seemed indecisive and reluctant. When he did move, as in Libya, it struck us that he did so impulsively, without adequate vetting in Congress. Eighteen months ago we wrote in these columns that he hadn’t yet emerged. But we acknowledged a certain element to Mr. Obama’s personality evinced in, say, the daring and elan of his presidential campaign. “We wouldn’t,” we wrote then, “rule out entirely the idea that President Obama could emerge not only as the de jure and de facto commander in chief but also as a true war leader in the classical sense of the term.”

This, we would like to think and certainly to hope, is what we are seeing in the wake of the triumph at Abbottabad. Mr. Obama is starting to emerge as the kind of war leader we had in mind — cool under fire, able to keep a poker face while golfing and entertaining the press between high stakes briefings in the situation room, and sagacious in battle, as he surely was with his decision to send in the SEALs into the lair of Osama Bin Laden. His capacity for secrecy and unilateralism speaks well of him, and it happens that we agree also with his decision to dispose of bin Laden’s corpse at sea. And not to worry about it afterwards.

The president’s leaderly qualities here are being thrown into ever sharper relief with each round of carping and handwringing, either from some elements in the press, or the some of the Republicans, or the far left. By our lights the performance of our uniformed and covert services in Abbottabad and the civilian leaders directing their efforts were as close to flawless as one gets in a war, and even if there were things that might have been better to have done differently, we wouldn’t waste time worrying about them. We haven’t seen a lot of combat, but we’ve seen enough to leave us proud and grateful at the whole performance.

Ran, over at Si Vis Pacem, was having none of that ‘I think we can do business with Herr Hitler’ Chamberlain crap, so he read The Riot Act to the Editors at The Sun.

But, his bigger concern was what effect all this praise would have on The Anointed One. Hell, he came into office thinking his crap didn’t stink, what would he think now: ‘My poop smells like Chanel No. 5’? From Ran:

If this blundering, disliked President is now demonstrating confidence… then this is the time to be very, very aware of our surroundings. Another cocky, self-pleasing wrong-headed American President comes to mind, and a date: Bill Clinton and April 19, 1993. Even Bill Clinton never had the guts to admit that “he” gave the order.

Exactly. The modern Democratic leader is a weakling. This is a result of the Leftist takeover of the Party and their infusion into it of Pacifist Marxist dogma. Thus, their advocacy of that mythic being ‘International Law’; thus, their strong belief in Appeasement.

However, when one of these puny donkeys gets cocky, watch out. Like the prissy little bad actors they are, when the Western Leftists start to feel confident [as unjustified as that feeling may be], they go overboard, they overreact. Ran is absolutely right: it’s time we increase The Watch because this fool is more than likely going to initiate his own Waco.

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