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Offend A Feminist: All Good Things…

09 May 2011 @ 17:54

…must come to an end at some point, otherwise we wouldn’t appreciate them as much.

As my dentist likes to say ‘Abcess makes the heart grow fonder’, but he, like most dentists, lacks a good sense of humor.  Anyway…National Offend A Feminist Week has ended for another year and it’s time to move on to other things.  However, I can’t leave NOAFW without linking some of my Friends In The Ether who have done great work to promote this worthy cause…

NOAFW Founder, Stacy McCain, despite having pneumonia, did a great job leading the charge and inspiring all of us in our Crusade.  All of his NOAFW posts can be found by clicking here, but I would like to single out his last two:

Amity Shlaes Has a Big Sexy Brain
[Bob: …and she’s damn cute]

Large Crowd of Unattractive Women Attend ‘Slutwalk’ Parade in Boston

Both are classic Other McCain.

-Professional Offender, Richard McEnroe got off [!] to a very good start, but like Shackleford in the Kentucky Derby, he fell back after he was kidnapped by angry Feminazis and forced to ‘behave responsibly’ [or something].  Here are his last two: Wednesday and  my favorite Thursday Friday.  He posted nothing on Saturday or Sunday, repeating his habit of finishing too soon.

-Friend In The Ether from the land down under, GregoryNo6 [he’s not a number; he’s a free man, however, for Gina Elise] posted some damn fine stuff in some of my NOAFW, but he also did his own top-notch bit of offending over at his joint.

-Over at Conservative Hideout, Matt joined in on the fun, but remembered to retain his concern for women’s health…and that’s no surprise as Matt knows what women want and what they need.

-Karen Howes agreed with me that the 19th Amendment should be repealed and a very lively discussion ensued in her comments section.

-Over at Proof-Positive, Proof was the most thorough, in terms of sheer post volume, and cheekiness: Sunday [he started a day early!], Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday.

-Stay-At-Home Mom, NoneOfAnyImport decides to join the frey [and fun] with a bang-on posting.

-Zilla Of The Resistance goes all Johnny Paycheck on the Fems.  This phrase of her’s describing the unshaven ones gives you a good taste of what’s in store for you when [not if] you click the link: ‘thin skinned, hyper-sensitive, uptight bitches’.

-Over at At The Point Of A Gun, DaveC takes on Tina Fey and delivers to her the figurative spanking she deserves.

-There’s a good chance I missed some of the postings done out there by some of my other Friends In The Ether because I was away for three days during NOAFW.  If I did, send me the links and I’ll throw them in an Update to this posting.

=UPDATE on 10MAY2011 at 1705: When I’m right, I’m damn right: I missed Mike’s NOAFW takedown of Mzzzzzzz. Stephanie Coose Coontz.  I’d apologize except, I was right.

-I think it appropriate to end the Third Annual National Offend A Feminist Week with a key bit of advice for all you gals out there.  This is very, very important; please read the whole thing [or have your man read it to you after you’ve brough him his drink and slippers]:

  1. 09 May 2011 @ 20:23 20:23

    AS I MENTIONED BEFORE, mylaptop exploded in mid-post before I could, not unlike a cheap chinese prophylactic from the 99-cent store (or so people tellme). As soon as it’s, er, back up,I shall return for the big finish, er,happy ending,er, ah, screw it…

  2. 09 May 2011 @ 20:43 20:43

    Here’s my offering to NOAFW…

    But I did link to several NOAFW articles. 😉


  3. 09 May 2011 @ 20:53 20:53

    Thanks for the link, Mr. Belvedere! I gotta say this was great fun. I loved that pic of Salvador Dali using the human desk–he was smokin’ hot if I do say so myself.

  4. 10 May 2011 @ 06:01 06:01

    Thanks for the recognition Bob, and thanks to everyone who dropped over to my place.

  5. 10 May 2011 @ 09:05 09:05

    Thanks for the link.. And I was more than happy to spank Fey for everyone..

    Uh, I mean.. Umm.. nevermindfuggetaboutit

  6. 10 May 2011 @ 19:09 19:09

    Thanks for including me, I am honored!

  7. 10 May 2011 @ 22:13 22:13

    I like your cake topping! I gotta get me one of those!


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