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‘The Million Lights I See’

05 May 2011 @ 09:57

In a superb example of American thinking, the Mind Numbed Robot shows us that his mind is neither numbed nor robotic.

He sees the sides in the coming stage of the war for our freedoms and liberties as not what the pundits on all sides say they are:

The main issue of this election is whether we the people of this country choose to enslave our neighbors using the machinery of mob rule democracy or reclaim our lost liberties and return to the original intent of our Constitutional Republic. That is the issue.


A little later on he states it even more succinctly with laser-like accuracy:

This election is about American versus un-American.

It’s about Freedom versus Slavery.

MNR goes on to show that, through the ever metastisizing growth of a sense of entitlement, many Americans have forgotten what it means to be American, the pioneering spirit, the reliance on oneself.

As a consequence:

It will be the single most important election in which you ever will cast a vote. America lives or dies in 2012. This election is about defining what it means to be an American. The true definition of an American has been gerrymandered and perverted by the media, in legislation and regulation and in the halls of ‘higher education.’

He then proceeds to survey our current state and compare it to the way it used to be when we understood in our guts what it meant to live like an American.

This is both a wake-up call and a call to arms from someone who wants nothing more than to see this noble country restored to what The Founders envisioned, to see us reclaim the grand legacy with which we were blessed.  MNR quotes Abraham Lincoln several times and that is fitting as what he is pleading for is nothing less than a new birth of freedom.

I would encourage you to please take the time to click here and read the whole of the treatise.

  1. 05 May 2011 @ 11:39 11:39

    Many thanks for the kind words and the link, Bob. A restoration of the Constitutional Republic is indeed what America needs. I wonder how many fully understand this.


  2. 05 May 2011 @ 18:57 18:57

    WOLVERINES! Congrats to a deserving automaton and thanks to Belve-dear for showcasing him 😉

  3. bobbelvedere permalink*
    07 May 2011 @ 17:46 17:46

    MNR: Great job.

    Red: I’m just the humble conduit, Mrs. WOOT!


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