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Courtesy Of The Red White And Blue: Osama Is Shark Bait [Updated Below]

03 May 2011 @ 14:25

Two in the turban in the Hindu Kush.
Now the fishys are eating his tush.

While the fact that Osama Bin Laden is, right now as we speak, having his delicately washed body [WTF is up with that] eaten by sharks and crabs whereas I would have preferred to see his head on a pike at Ground Zero, it is nevertheless a very happy occasion [barring the pike thing, I agree with Darleen Click: ‘burning his body and mixing the ashes into cement at the entrance so everyone could walk on him forever’ would have been a good second choice].

Al Qeada lives on, but a rather nice message has been sent to the Mohammedins: we don’t give up. And it’s important that that message be sent because the history of the last thirty or so years has been one of The United States broadcasting to the Muslim world a declaration of weakness and decline. While this action does not signal that we finally understand the seriousness of the threat, that this is a war to the death between Islam and The West, it does show that we still can muster the will to go after the bastards – there’s some life on the old girl yet.

For the past day, I have been sailing through The Ether on a ship made of satisfaction, seeing what my Friends therein and those pundits whose opinions I admire are saying about this Corleoning of the man behind 09/11…

-Over at The Corner, Michael Walsh has penned the best obituary:

Nothing became Osama bin Laden’s life more than his leaving of it. And he left it not as some holy warrior, but as a gangster on the lam from the cops who finally tracked him down. No glorious shoot-out for the big fella; it’s richly satisfying that the last thing he saw was an American serviceman, about to put two in the brain.

It’s going to be tough for the jihadis to spin this one. Osama’s death did not come heroically in battle, but rather like that of a trapped rat who’d been in hiding for nearly ten years. All the braggadocio and bluster were long gone and in their place came only periodic bleats of boilerplate jihad.

He weren’t so tough.

-Over at The Other McCain, Stacy McCain delivers a set of sound thrashings to various elements on the Left side of things for delivering their usual deluded bromides of cluelessness. A sample: his response to a student who labels Osama a scapegoat:

Scapegoat? Scapegoat? You wonder where such naivete comes from. Part of it, I suspect, is that many kids are taught non-violence as a principle to such an extent that even the death of a mass-murderer is cause for mourning. Another factor is undoubtedly the blame-America-first mentality, which views terrorism as a more-or-less legitimate response to American “imperialism.”…

There’s a generation that needs a solid 2×4 applied to their brains.

-Stacy links to a very good posting by The Rhetorican on this whole event that covers a number of subjects, the most interesting of which is that it turns out that the waterboarding of a prisoner at Gitmo was crucial in the successful hunt for Binsy Boy.

-In a posting from today, Stacy takes on two varients of Leftist thinking: the Out-Where-The-Buses-Don’t-Run kind as spewed by Cindy Sheehan and the ‘nuanced’ Hate America kind as farted out by Glenn Greenwald. Both are certifiably nuts, it’s just that one kind, the latter’s, is respectible in ‘normal’ Progressive circles. Here’s a choice cut from Stacy’s comments on Greenwald:

No, what disturbs me particularly about Greenwald’s argument is that he doesn’t view every “sense of national pride” as dangerous, but only American national pride. Cubans or Canadians, Chechens or Chinese, Poles or Palestinians – all other peoples can cherish their national identity without stirring any Greenwaldian concern. But let Americans express satisfaction that their military has vanquished a sworn enemy, and this frets Greenwald to no end. His fear and loathing of American nationalism is so great as to produce its mirror-reverse.

Nihilism with a calm face.

-Michelle Malkin reminds us not to get too overjoyed:

Justice may have been done, but the Islamic war on the West is unceasing — it started centuries before bin Laden and it will continue.

This is merely the end of the beginning of the final chapter of this saga. The long slog continues.

-Over at his joint, DaTechGuy has a short and very sweet reply to all of those who are worried about a backlash resulting from the whacking of Osama:

…Backlash? Are we worried that Al Qaeda will try to kill us for killing Bin Laden as opposed to killing us for every other reason they used before?

Spot-on, Pete.

-In a related matter, we have this from Kathryn Jean Lopez’s cab driver:

…I grabbed a cab a few blocks away from the White House. The driver asked me, rhetorically, about those gathered in the streets around the White House: “Do they realize there are a thousand Osama bin Ladens?”


-More later…

UPDATED at 1713…

-Tere had a WTF moment that I think many of us shared when we heard how respectfully the U.S. Government handled the corpse of this mass murderer:

…His body, as reported by multiple news sources, has been buried out at sea. Do you know why our military supposedly did this? They did this in order to conform to Islamic law. What??? As it has been stated numerous times OSAMA BIN LADEN AND ISLAMIC EXTREMISTS DO NOT REPRESENT ISLAM so I want to know why would our government give legitimacy to the Islamofascists’ cause – the perversion of Islam – by adhering to Islamic law when dealing with the SOB murderous thug bastard’s body by giving him a proper Islamic burial? That just doesn’t make sense to me….

Ah, Tere, most of what this Administration does does not make sense to sensible people.

In another posting she embedded some interesting video of the operation and a look at the brave Americans who carried it out.

-It’s been fun to watch the MSM’s take on this.  As Jeff Goldstein writes:

…had bin Laden been killed during the later years of Bush, the mainstream press would be out looking for military or CIA malfeasance, raising concerns about their having violated some “international law” or other, asking “questions” about methodology that would have led them to publish leaks they knew would be harmful to national security, but which their journalistic ethics compelled them to publish (whereas embargoes on video from fundraisers that we, the taxpayers, are on the financial hook for? Not to worry, that kind of journalistic freeze out is just part of doing business!).

The highest heights of hypocrisy.

In that same posting, Jeff also has a long excerpt by Marc Ambinder on the structure of our joint special forces that is very fascinating and informative.  We’ve got some serious Mike Foxtrots out there doing the dirty work of Freedom.

-The Left is doing whatever it can to deny any credit to George W. Bush, making their calls for unity back in January seem like they occurred long ago and far away.  Jimmy Bise has screen captured some of their top pundit’s Tweets here.  Damn fine work, Jimmy.

-Stacy filed an interesting report on The White House not being able to get it’s story of the mission straight [well, what do you expect from crooked politicians?].

-The Lonely Conservative weighs in on this whole muddled story bit and makes a prediction I would bet my savings on.

-And finally…we come to Lancelot Link Burri, The Troglopundit, who, being the would-be-capitalist-pig he is, is shamelessly scrounging around the sewers of the Interwebs for cheap hits by already peddling conspiracy theories here and here.  Smitty called him out on it here and I simply say ‘SHAME!…Shame on you Mr. Cheese Whiz’.

  1. 03 May 2011 @ 18:20 18:20

    Thanks so much for the linkage, Bob. The freaking hypocrisy of the Left totally pisses me off. Reality and progressives go together like oil and water.

  2. 04 May 2011 @ 06:44 06:44

    This may induce projectile vomiting – you have been warned.

    Osama killing: how to explain it to children


  1. White House Can’t Get Its Story Straight on How Osama Bin Laden Was Killed : The Other McCain

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