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Lock Up Your Daughters, Lock Up Your Wives…

02 May 2011 @ 01:01

..just for the hell of it, ’cause it’s

National Offend A Feminist Week!

Stacy McCain has declared the week of 02 thru 08 May 2011 A.D. the Third Annual National Offend A Feminist Week and, once again, the gang here at TCOTS [don’t know about Roxe, though] is very happy to participate in the festivities [‘Empower this, Fems!  I got your empowerment right here!’].  As Stacy wrote recently in his official declaration:

Yes, it’s true: The third annual celebration begins Monday, May 2, and I’ve begun preparing for the occasion by accumulating vintage images of happy housewives from the Dark Ages of Patriarchal Oppression. Nothing so offends a feminist as the idea that somewhere there might be a woman who considers it an honor and privilege to be “Just a Mom.”

Marriage, motherhood, housekeeping, domesticity — these are the great evils of the Dark Ages of Patriarchal Oppression from which feminists are so proud to have rescued American women.

To be unmarried and childless is the feminist ideal of liberation from male-dominated heterosexist tyranny. “Feminism is the theory; lesbianism is the practice,” as Ti-Grace Atkinson once boldly proclaimed. However, understanding that some women may not be able to attain the sterile nirvana of lesbianism, feminists have encouraged heterosexual women to pursue anti-family practices such as cohabitation, promiscuity, unwed motherhood and divorce.

Unenlightened persons sometimes object that such behaviors do not actually increase happiness for women. But the goal of feminism is not to increase female happiness. The goal is to maximize male misery.

Making men more miserable is what “equality” is all about.

Female unhappiness is the raison d’etre of feminism. If women weren’t unhappy, there would be no aggrieved victims, and without victimhood, where would feminism be?

So feminists encourage women to screw around as much as possible — this is called “empowerment” — in hopes that they may either become single mothers, dependent upon the social welfare state, or else undergo the Confirming Rite of the Sisterhood, i.e., abortion. Their slavish obedience to these feminist lifestyle maxims fails to make women happy, and when women find themselves lonely, miserable, poor and infected with STDs, that gives feminists an excuse to say, “A-ha! You’re a victim of the misogynistic male chauvinist society!”

If you have doubts as to whether to participate and/or cheer on this endeavor, fellow members of the Patriarchy, let me quote from one of Stacy’s commentators, Andrew Patrick:

As a male, every week is National Offend a Feminist Week for me. I accomplish it by breathing.

You see, as far as the Feminists are concerned, every breath you take, every move you make, is an offense to all women everywhere, so, since your royally screwed anyway, why not join in the fun.  As I like to say about all of life: Enjoy Yourself — It’s Later Than You Think.

Throughout this glorious week we will be providing mini-essays on issues that are guaranteed to make feminist heads explode by lighting the flame of Feminazi indignation, linking to others [both male and female] who are joining in the joyous fun of mocking the eternally ugly and indignant purveyors of mammaried mendacity, providing pictorial glimpses into the way things ought to be between the sexes, and, of course, using this occasion as an excuse for male misogynistic depravity [aka: lots of Rule 5].  NOAFW is also the start of a two-week celebration here at TCOTS of our Third Blogiversary [Week II will see the Second Annual TCOTS Six Days Of Cheesecake celebration!].

I, Robert ‘Bob’ Belvedere, the Bobby Riggs of The Blogosphere, will be your host and guide through this annual amortization of demented delusional dogma.  So, pop a few Benzedrine in your Ovaltine, Mrs. Murphy, and let’s get started…

-Richard McEnroe has, in the kind of premature act for which is he known, IYKWIMAITYD, fired the first salvo by reporting on the denunciation of Robert Stacy McCain’s NOAFW by one David Chancey Gardiner Brooks.

-MissRed has ‘jumped the gun’ too, but, as we omnivorous hoofed chauvinist males say, Ladies First.

-I will have more later on this glorious day, but I will leave you with this appetizer:

Contributor Hagbard Celine works hard at his TCOTS desk on his next blog posting.

  1. 02 May 2011 @ 08:43 08:43

    I get to be first? Yay!

    Back tomorrow with a personal entry.

  2. 02 May 2011 @ 15:34 15:34

    Actually, if you check, I was premature by about 12 months. That’s one of last year’s posts. My first new one is here:

  3. 03 May 2011 @ 06:55 06:55

    This was considered so salacious that it was deleted
    from my Photobucket account by the management!

  4. 03 May 2011 @ 15:24 15:24

    Tuesday Entry Up, With Important Career Advice for the Modern Woman…

  5. 03 May 2011 @ 17:29 17:29

    What is this, a 6 vs McEnroe smackdown? Where are the other contributors?

    Time to reach for the Onions.

  6. 03 May 2011 @ 17:56 17:56

    Probably should have stuck a language alert on that…

  7. bobbelvedere permalink*
    07 May 2011 @ 16:41 16:41

    GN6: We’re all adults here.


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