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Let’s Take A Moment To Talk About Shop Safety…

29 April 2011 @ 09:17

In the course of making some insightful observations about the way the Elections of 2012 are shaping-up so far, Admiral Smitty of The Afghan Seas offers this spot-on criticism:

While the current efforts of Paul Ryan &c are not nothing, the fact that they are not addressing the roots of Federal over-reach is worrisome.

We’ve got to address the overreach issue because none of the other achievements will matter if we don’t restore the foundational pillars that our Republic rests on. To wax Smittish for a moment: A bad renovation was done and, to save this old house, we need to rip out the ‘improvements’ and restore the original structure. And remember this: there is no more important safety rule than to wear these [points to eye area] safety glasses – cause the debris is going to fly, Jack.


Bob Abram

The Old Yankee Workshop

Also, please check out a posting by Smitty from the wee small hours of this morning that addresses the subject again. A highlight:

Term limits are symptomatic, but not, of themselves, problematic. The real issue is the systemic drivers that reward a West Virginia for afflicting the rest of the country with Byrd droppings for half a century.

As I’ve already argued at some length, what we need to do, rather than add, is subtract.

While I’m skeptical of his prescription for curing the Progressive cancer, it is well-worth contemplating [as are the comments by Greywolfe].

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