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  1. 02 April 2011 @ 18:50 18:50

    One word. Awesome.

  2. M. Thompson permalink
    02 April 2011 @ 20:46 20:46

    Grr. My gripe about unsmiling women continues. Still, quite nice.

  3. 03 April 2011 @ 00:51 00:51

    My favourite Kate Winslet pic, from about the same time as her big boat movie was released. With the pattern of her dress so similar to the bark of the tree she seems like the Greek goddess Diana, suddenly awakenened.

  4. bobbelvedere permalink*
    03 April 2011 @ 17:57 17:57

    TWB: Thanks for the inspiration.

    MT: I know. I do have a good number of pics of her smiling, but I ended-up not using them because the shots mimiced others I had already chosen. But, you may have inspired me to do a Kate Winslet Smiling & Laughing post in the future.

    GN6: I saw that picture when I was searching for pics of her, but I wan’t happy with the quality. If I can find a version that meets rigid TCOTS Standards, I will most certainly feature it.

  5. 03 April 2011 @ 19:51 19:51

    You’re very welcome!

    And NCB is like a holiday just for us!

  6. M. Thompson permalink
    03 April 2011 @ 21:49 21:49

    Splendid, Mr. B. You remain a most excellent host.

  7. 04 April 2011 @ 12:00 12:00

    Notice how these ladies aren’t anorexic. They’re healthy-looking and beautiful.


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