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Search And Destroy

28 March 2011 @ 10:20

The Leftist organization, Media Matters, has announced to the world, via Politico, that it will be targeting Fox News and ‘a handful of conservative websites’ in a campaign to delegitimize both in the eyes of the public.

Following the Leftist Playbook, they will be looking into their private lives.

Doing this is much, much easier than arguing the issues on their merits, of course. As William Jacobson comments:

Media Matters has transformed itself into a very dangerous organization which engages in sabotage to disrupt opponents. None of this is surprising. When Media Matters says it wants freedom of speech and freedom of the press, what it means is that it wants freedom for its speech and its press.

Guerrilla warfare and sabotage. It’s what the most active Democratic media operation has come to. Scary times ahead.


The fact of the matter is: the Left cannot argue the issues on the merits because, when most people hear their ideas explained, they realize that they have no merit. The only way the Left can achieve popularity is through deception and delegitimizing their opponents ['Rush Limbaugh is UNMUTUAL'].

That Media Matters has gone public with their vile plans speaks to an arrogance they feel these days and is more evidence that they think the vast majority of people are idiots, that they can announce that they’re pulling a fast one and no one will notice. Sadly, many will be taken in by their lies and distortions because they do not pay close attention, yet they irresponsibly still vote.

But, in this day of the TEA Party and the Rightosphere, will enough be fooled to make a difference in 2012? We’ve got to do everything we can to get the word out.

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