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March Madness Sweater Puppy Contest Winner – Round One

28 March 2011 @ 17:14

The Gods Of The Internet decided to make my life even harder than it already is by blocking Carol Sheeple’s e-mail which listed the Round One entries for the MMSPC.  Her first try was blocked by Comcast and they didn’t even have the courtesy to drop the e-mail in the Spam Bucket.  Her second try yielded the same result from the Bolshe-loving nerds over there again, but Google came through.  However, they held up the e-mail for several hours, no reason given by those Marxist bastards.  But, finally, it came through and I was able to do my duty as THE Judge of the Contest.

The GOTI hate me, but I persevered.

Carol has all the details and links over at her joint, but I can tell you that I declared the Mind Numbed Robot the winner of Round One, with the Honorable Mention going to Lancelot Link Burri, The Troglopundit.

As you can see by the following photo, MNR captured in his three pictures the cheerful American Spirit of the Cheerleading art, the joie de vivre that infuses this great American institution:

As you will see by reading his celebratory post that he penned [or is it crayoned?], MNR is taking his win like the mature cyborg he is.

Congratulations to MNR and Trog, and to those who did not win, I say: pick yourself up and enter Round Two and do your best, even though it may not be good enough [swag sent to Carol and I would help].

I came through…and I have returned.

General Robert ‘Bob’ Kurtz-Belvedere

  1. 28 March 2011 @ 18:16 18:16

    Crayoned? I’ll have you know that I was in a severely handicapped state of inebriation after much celebratory libation and assure you that post was finger painted, then scribed letter for letter by a beautiful, buxom, pom-pom toting interpreter.
    The photos of the proceeding body painting session cannot be shown to polite audiences, mainly ’cause I got paint all over the camera lens.

    Thanks for the link and the award. 🙂


    • bobbelvedere permalink*
      28 March 2011 @ 19:17 19:17

      MNR: You certainly lead a ‘colorful’ life for a ‘bot.

  2. 28 March 2011 @ 23:09 23:09

    Heh, colorful? No. Imaginary? Yes.
    Some demons have yet to be conquered.


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