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The T.P.E.A. In Color

03 March 2011 @ 14:42

We have law enforcement organizations at every level of society these days: city/town/county police, state police, FBI, U.S. Marshals, transit authority police, campus police, etc..

Well, there’s a new one in town: the TPEA: the TEA Party Enforcement Agency [pronounced: tee-pee].

I think Joseph Lawler is spot-on here:

One reason for the Tea Parties’ success in gaining influence in the Republican Party, a reason that is somewhat unacknowledged, is the apparent willingness of Tea Party activists to lose general races. The fact that in 2010 and 2009 special elections the Tea Party wing of the party nominated a number of candidates who were inept or otherwise unsuitable for politics is often cited as a shortcoming of the Tea Party movement. But Congressional Republicans’ change of tone, so far, indicates that the Tea Party’s willingness to lose with flawed conservatives instead of winning with RINOs may now be a significant enforcement tool when it comes to actual policy.

GOP members of Congress, most especially the RINOS and Neo-RINOS are now forced to pause before they vote for or against something and consider if their vote will cause the TEA Party folks in their district or state to put up a primary challenger to their re-elections [see: Hatch, Orrin].

I think Mr. Lawler has stated nice and succinctly here what others like Stacy McCain were trying to tell us over the last two or so years.

To Serve The People And To Protect The Constitution

  1. Adobe Walls permalink
    03 March 2011 @ 16:24 16:24

    The Tea Party has been accused of costing the Republicans the Senate. While overstated there is some merit to this argument. Ha Ha good thing the goal was to elect Conservatives not Republicans.

  2. 03 March 2011 @ 19:16 19:16

    The “Tea Party” and “Pyrrhic Victory” have often been mentioned together, but it’s usually the wrong way. Many people assume that “the war” is any one election, so our willingness to lose that is bad. However, we understand that the war is a long-term game about the future of our country and the conservative movement, and we’re more than happy to lose a few battles to get to that end.

    To put it another way, we’re not going to be put off with bribes and pats on the head to take our eyes off the prize. I can’t help but think of CS Lewis and how he said that we’re like children playing with mud in squalor who refuse a vacation to the beach because we can’t imagine what we’re being offered – except the Tea Party says “no” to the mud, “no” to the bribes, “no” to the insider status, “no” to the sanction of the elite, because we want something better.

  3. bobbelvedere permalink*
    03 March 2011 @ 20:26 20:26

    For once, we’re playing the long game.

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