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Today’s Moment Of Irony…

26 February 2011 @ 13:06

…comes courtesy of Instapundit [worth quoting in full]:

FUN FACT: Rep. Michael Capuano, recently seen calling for union protesters to “get a little bloody,” has a wife whose maiden name is “Teebagy.”

How friggin’ ironic.  Perhaps she’s a sleeper agent for the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy?  I don’t know as I am only a member of the out circle of the inner circle.

A screenshot from the official House page of Mike ‘The Capo’ Capuano, as linked by Instapundit:

She would have to have a B.S. degree to marry such a thug blowhard.

SIDENOTE: If you ever want to know the inside story on anything going on in the [Original!] People’s Republic Of Massachusetts, check out what Howie Carr is writing about at the Boston Herald.  From his most recent column entitled, Bay State Immune To Issurection Against Hackerama:

…Mike Capuano, the tough street kid from Dartmouth College, goes ballistic on a handful of pro-democracy demonstrators on the Common and starts invoking deranged images of violence, of “blood in the streets.”

He’s just lucky the drunken savages egging him on didn’t seriously hurt anybody. After all, four-on-one is pinky-ring fun. It’s how they celebrate diversity.

What would Gabby Giffords think? Is it too late to add this puny purveyor of hate speech to the President’s Commission on Civility?


Will there be more moonbat hate speech on the Common this weekend? A word to you Bud Light-swigging union brothers fighting to keep your phony-baloney six-figure jobs and your fake disability pensions: If you decide to wade into an outnumbered crowd of pro-democracy demonstrators wielding your traditional lead pipes and rubber hoses, just remember to get the chant right this time:

Allah Hack-bar! Allah Hack-Bar!

How about: ‘Hey!  Ho!  Western Civ. has got to go!’ — ain’t that they’re ultimate goal?

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