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Rule 5 Saturday

26 February 2011 @ 18:12

It is well-known that The TCOTS Rule 5 Compliance Committee has a thing for the Ladies of Italy.  While the lady we are featuring today is not on the same level as the wonderous Monica Bellucci, she is damn close and most certainly deserves to be admired, enjoyed, and, perhaps, visited in person by The Committee.  Her beauty is timeless, her smile bewitching, and her eyes are full of the devil.  Senza ulteriori esitazioni…


Please click on the image above to see full-size.

Please click on the image above to see full-size.

Dedicated to The Cardinal†.

  1. 26 February 2011 @ 19:04 19:04

    Eyes? Oh sure….

  2. Adobe Walls permalink
    26 February 2011 @ 19:08 19:08


  3. M. Thompson permalink
    27 February 2011 @ 01:45 01:45

    She’s the sort that makes the Italian restaurant back home make jokes about starting off married life with a hot Italian affair. (Party, darn it!)

  4. wxwzrd permalink
    27 February 2011 @ 07:26 07:26

    As in “hot Italian dish”? Looks pretty delicious to me.


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