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Look For The Union Fable [Updated Below]

24 February 2011 @ 18:09

First, a little background, courtesy of some of my Friends In The Ether, but first a quote…

‘Every once and awhile you need to get out on the streets and get a little bloody when necessary.’
Rep. Mike Capuano [D-MA]

=Conservative activist and Freedom Works employee, Tabitha Hale is assaulted by a goon from the Communications Workers of America.  Stacy McCain’s report here, and Miss Hale’s account here.

=There was a planned rally in Boston a few days ago by unions and politicians [at which Mike ‘The Capo’ Capuano made the remarks quoted above].  The TEA Party folks in the area coordinated a last-minute counter protest [including our beloved Roxeanne de Luca].  DaTechGuy was on the scene and filed a great report complete with many videos of the event and interviews with people from both sides.  One of the things he reports on is Republican Congressional candidate Marty Lamb being knocked to the ground by union goons at the rally.  Please do take the time to check it out here.  Also, check our his latest column at on the rally here.

=Michelle Malkin received a letter from a woman who attended the rally and witnessed an assault on an elderly man by one of the pro-union hoods:

…They pushed and shoved until he fell on the ice, screaming the whole time to get the “F**K”out of here, they took the elderly man, pushing and shoving him, taking his flag and breaking it up….

=If you’re a Jew and you support Governor Walker and the TEA Party Movement, the union thugs and the Bolshe Zombies are out to get you, as Stacy McCain reports here.

=At an AFSCME rally in Providence, Rhode Island, a cameraman taping the event for the organization, We The People Of Rhode Island, was accosted by a union goon and told: ”I’ll f–k you in the ass, you faggot!’.  Michelle Malkin has the details and video here.

=I may add more links later, but you get the picture.

Now for this…

Some of the Remarks by Barack Hussein Obama on 23 February 2011 at The White House [slightly edited]:

First, we are doing everything we can to protect American citizens. That is my highest priority…. 

Now, throughout this period of unrest and upheaval … the United States has maintained a set of core principles which guide our approach. These principles apply to the situation…. As I said last week, we strongly condemn the use of violence….

The American people extend our deepest condolences to the families and loved ones of all who’ve been … injured. The suffering and bloodshed is outrageous and it is unacceptable. So are threats and orders to … punish the people…. These actions violate international norms and every standard of common decency. This violence must stop.

The United States also strongly supports the universal rights of the … people. That includes the rights of peaceful assembly, free speech, and the ability of the … people to determine their own destiny. These are human rights. They are not negotiable. They must be respected in every country. And they cannot be denied through violence or suppression.

In a volatile situation like this one, it is imperative that the nations and peoples of the world speak with one voice, and that has been our focus…. 

…North and south, east and west, voices are being raised together to oppose suppression and support the rights of the … people.


Like all governments, the … government has a responsibility to refrain from violence … and to respect the rights of its people. It must be held accountable for its failure to meet those responsibilities, and face the cost of continued violations of human rights.

This is not simply a concern of the United States. The entire world is watching….


So let me be clear. The change that is taking place across the region is being driven by the people of the region. This change doesn’t represent the work of the United States or any foreign power. It represents the aspirations of people who are seeking a better life.

As one … said, “We just want to be able to live like human beings.” We just want to be able to live like human beings. It is the most basic of aspirations that is driving this change. And throughout this time of transition, the United States will continue to stand up for freedom, stand up for justice, and stand up for the dignity of all people.

Thank you very much.

Wow…I guess he’s changed his ways…yeah, and do you see those pigs flying out of my butt yet?

So let me be clear: Obama may ‘oppose suppression and support the rights of the … people’ of Libya, but he opposes the exact opposite for Americans.

UPDATE at 2027…

-As I mentioned above, Roxeanne was at the Boston rally.  She’s compiled a list of quotes from some of the people who were on the pro-union side.  A highlight:

•same guy:”Why do you guys have a snake on your flag? What’s wrong with the Stars and Stripes?” me: “It’s the flag of the Tea Party and the spirit of the American Revolution; the Tea Party came before America.” Union thug: “You think the tea party came before America? Ha, ha.”

-I forgot to mention my post on the union goons in Idaho [sometimes, my modesty knows no bounds].

  1. 24 February 2011 @ 19:44 19:44

    Thanks for all of the info in one convenient place Bob. It makes my wanderings of the internets easier.

    • bobbelvedere permalink*
      24 February 2011 @ 20:21 20:21

      Matt: Aw shucks…well, you were my inspiration.

  2. 24 February 2011 @ 20:34 20:34

    “Look for the Union Fable.” Best bit of snarckasm in ages. Dang, but you’re good! Great blogging, too.

    • bobbelvedere permalink*
      24 February 2011 @ 20:42 20:42

      Ran: Thanks.

  3. Wagtube permalink
    24 February 2011 @ 22:03 22:03

    Living in MKE, this stuff is like bad wallpaper. Every time we take down a layer of BS, another layer of unicorns farting in honey is put up. The Murphy prank call was on TV and the radio all day again. So, we tear that up and find out that Trumka who was here last week is back in DC meeting with Bambi trying to find a halo pattern for the won. I think it’s time to put the tiger shark and DIF away and simply re-wall the whole thing.

  4. 24 February 2011 @ 22:50 22:50

    I love the way your brain works…and that goes for your regular commenters, too!

  5. 25 February 2011 @ 09:02 09:02

    Thank you for the link-love.

    DTG did a great job with the videos and pictures. Aside from the fact that my camera died 20 minutes into the disaster, I can’t upload things onto Haemet. (They’ll probably wind up on your site!)

  6. bobbelvedere permalink*
    26 February 2011 @ 00:42 00:42

    KC: You’ll give me a big head if you keep up like that.

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