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Bob’s Musings: Brave Wisconsinites and The Heart Of Darkness

21 February 2011 @ 19:02

‘An entire world at war, and I’m left out of it? God will not permit this to happen! I will be allowed to fulfill my destiny! His will be done.’

Now you sons of bitches know how I feel about being off the grid since early Saturday afternoon.  God tasks me…he taunts me…but, I’m sure I deserve it.

So much top-notch coverage and commentary has been written about the events in Wisconsin on Saturday that it would be a waste of bandwith to restate any of it in my own words.  Let me just comment on a few aspects…

-Herman Cain [looking damn good in his choice of suit and fedora] said in his speech to the pro-Walker supporters at their rally that Wisconsin is Ground Zero in the struggle against Big Labor.  No, it is simply the immediate hot front in the war against the Revolutionaries who are seeking to overthrow The Constitution.  I have no doubt that Big Labor and their Socialist Agitator comrades are plotting right now to strike in other state capitals wherever Republican Governors are seeking to reverse course on our Road To Serfdom. 

Make no mistake, the Stealth Revolution is now exploding out into the open.  The Left believes this is the moment when they have to crawl out from under their rocks by leaving their government cubicles and classrooms and campuses and take to the streets and finally do out in the open what they have been secretly doing for years: undermining and tearing down the institutions and traditions of The United States Of America.  For them, the time for regulating our lives through regulation, taxing us into slavery, and propagandizing our children on the QT is over — they believe this is the time for direct action, the big push.  Through lies and thuggery, the Left has launched the first of a many front offensive in their War Of American Dependence.

I pray that Governor Walker and the Republicans in the Wisconsin Legislature understand that they can show no mercy, give no quarter.  They have to summon the courage of the 101st Airborne in The Battle Of The Bulge and hold on.  No retreat.  No surrender.  Nuts.

-Matt, proprietor of Conservative Hideout, is spot-on in this recommendation:

The Wisconsin GOP should not budge. Not. one. inch. Any parent will tell you that giving into a tantrum will only encourage more. Let them win here, and they will do this again and again. The fact is this, they can’t keep their goons away from work forever, and parents are going to get ticked if their kids are out of school endlessly. The longer this goes on, the more they risk losing the people.

Also, never give in to the school-yard bullies.

-So…even Doctors have joined the Revolution and are violating their oaths in the ‘by any means necessary’ act of writing fake sick slips for Wisconsin teachers committing fraud [DaTechGuy has up a good posting on this with links and a video].  None of this should be at all surprising as doctors seem to have always been drawn to Leftist thinking and in some cases have emerged as leaders of Fascist, Socialist, and Communist tyrannies and movements [Che, Bashar al-Assad, Papa Doc, Goebbels, Mengale, the Muslim doctors implicated in terrorist bombing plots in the UK, etc].

[UPDATE at 1913: the Darc Prynce has a report, over at The Daily Gator, on the investigation into the Wisconsin doctor’s who committed fraud and malpractice by writing those fake sick slips.]

-Three Cheers to the people of Wisconsin who are supporting the forces of light against those who dwell in the heart of darkness [and want to drag the rest of us into their madness].

-Stacy McCain has provided the best coverage I’ve seen of this situation as it has unfolded so far, so please do check out all of his reporting, commentary, and aggregation by clicking here.

-My friend Quin Hillyer has shown us once again why he is one of the leading patriot voices in the struggle to restore our freedoms and liberties:

These are dangerous times. The Obama left will not go quietly into that good night. And they will not let their targets sleep quietly at night. They want their targets — in the Wisconsin legislature, and at Speaker Boehner’s house, and, watch, in other places as well — to feel fear of the mob.

I have news for them. We don’t fear them. We think they are beneath contempt, these rabbles of rabid radicals. In America, we are above these hoodlums, and we transcend them. We are a society of ordered liberty, and we have endured worse than these pathetic paraders will muster.

They have Saul Alinsky. We have James Madison and George Washington. We win, they lose.


  1. 21 February 2011 @ 19:13 19:13

    No Compromise. No Quarter. Bring me Leviathan’s head on a plate.

    “Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”

  2. 21 February 2011 @ 19:37 19:37

    Governor Walker is not working for the tens of thousands of protesters, but for the millions of Wisconsin voters and taxpayers.

  3. Adobe Walls permalink
    21 February 2011 @ 21:22 21:22

    I don’t doubt his resolution but wonder about the 19 republican senators. I’d guess that the Fleebaggers will be back some time this week as staying away longer should seem pointless even to them. If the Republicans can stay strong, Wisconsin and the Nation will be the better for it.

    Wow off the grid for three days, maddening.

    • bobbelvedere permalink*
      21 February 2011 @ 23:13 23:13

      Liberty: Sounds good to me – I’ll buy the pike.

    • bobbelvedere permalink*
      21 February 2011 @ 23:14 23:14

      Adobe: And I’ve got to work on revisions to that Manual I’ve been working on, finish the parts I haven’t completed, and get it all in by 11 March. Ugh.

  4. 22 February 2011 @ 00:18 00:18

    Thanks for the link Bob. I’m honored to be mentioned in such good company.

  5. 22 February 2011 @ 07:25 07:25

    You’ve been off the grid, and your co-blogger has been derelict in her duties.

    Hopefully, you have time to protest this evening in Boston…? We’re counter-rallying against the SEIU thugs who are being bused in.

  6. 22 February 2011 @ 10:15 10:15

    It’s not enough to show no mercy, give no quarter. What’s required is to take the initiative. We need to get ahead of the game instead of always responding to the other side’s provocations. Let’s see them on the defensive for a change.

    Within the limits of the law and within the bounds of decency, it seems there is ample room for showing these people for what they are and destroying their support.

  7. bobbelvedere permalink*
    22 February 2011 @ 20:59 20:59

    Matt: You’re welcome.

    Roxe: You’ve been far from derelict.

    Steven: Dead solid perfect. L’audace, toujours de l’audace!

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