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“Progressive Feminists”: The New Rape Apologists!

17 February 2011 @ 00:15

As regular readers of Haemet know, I love to whale on bad advice in advice columns almost as much as I love to whale on faux-feminists and their irrational ideology. So how could I resist trashing the “raaaacist and paternalistic” meme floating ’round the blogosphere?

An incredibly talented international affair correspondent, Lara Logan, was brutally assaulted in Cairo – brutal in a way that your mind will crawl away from.  The Leftist reaction is nauseating in the extreme – to either mock Ms. Logan as an attention-seeking whore (no, I’m not kidding), or to say that anyone who dares voice an opinion is a racist (no, not kidding on this one, either; despite all appearances, this post was not brought to you by The Onion). One example of this sickening line of thought:

The comments on every news website I’ve seen, from NPR to CNN to the Washington Post, are chock-full of remarks that range from paternalistic hand-wringing to victim-blaming to outright racism, often blended together: “What do you expect when you’re a woman reporting in a war zone?”  Or “CBS, how could you send a pretty blond woman to a place full of violent brown men?”

I’m sorry that I need to explain such things to a woman-hating bitch who claims to be a “feminist”, but Lara Logan was no less raped because her rapist was of a different ethnic background than she was.  (Also, note to progressives: Egyptians are not definitively of a different race than Caucasians; look up “Caucasian” in the dictionary before you scream raaaaacism).  Ms. Logan was brutalised in the most despicable manner by people who acted worse than a pack of animals; the amount of melanin in their skin has no bearing on this at all.

Before we move onto full “feminist” fisking, let’s analyse this here.  About twenty or thirty members of a country that has 83 million people in it raped a womanFor “Womyn’s Studies” people like Jill Filipovic who sucked dick to pass math class, that’s 2.41*10^-5 percent of the country.  Now, we weren’t generalising from that tiny sample to the rest of the country, let alone everyone on Earth with non-Scandanavian features, but Jill and “BeckySharper” more than happy to engage in such ethnic discrimination for us, then blame us for it.

So, ladies, what’s the deal?  Is rape okay, so long as the victim has lighter skin than the perpetrators?  Are we to believe that a woman is less safe in the library of her university than in a war zone? Should we stop championing and supporting Lara Logan, and pretend that what happened to her is part of the job, because her attackers are a darker Caucasian than she is? Rather than making moral judgements, are we to play the world’s most demented game of Oppression Olympics?

I’m sorry, but how fucked up in the head do you have to be to insult and morally condemn those who stand by Lara Logan?  How racist do you have to be to take the actions of a few rapists and extend them to millions of people?  How much of a misogynist do you have to be to pretend that it’s not really rape if you’re drunk if your attackers are not blonde?

At this point, femisogynists would have you believe that a woman is safer in a war zone, amidst religious radicals who have no regards for human rights, than on a college campus.  They would have you believe that the Duke Lacrosse Players are more of a threat to women than the men who raped Lara Logan.  Rather than point out the obvious: that a woman in some foreign countries is taking a much bigger risk than men are – they pretend that women don’t get raped overseas, that the West is so bad that anywhere else isn’t any worse.  “Fucking pathetic” does not even cover the way I feel about leftist rape apologists.

  1. 17 February 2011 @ 11:07 11:07

    You don’t get it. These are PROGRESSIVE womyn. Rape is just fine, as long as the right people get raped. How do you think these damaged minds would react if Sarah Palin got raped, or the Bush girls got roofied, or Tammy Bruce or Pamela Gelkler any other strong conservative woman?

    You’re trying to talk sense to people who would cheer if YOU got raped. Keep that in mind the next time you get a Ponce post.

  2. 17 February 2011 @ 11:24 11:24

    Sorry, I thought I posted this at Little Miss Attilah. Oops.

  3. bobbelvedere permalink*
    18 February 2011 @ 19:17 19:17

    Richard: I’m not as pretty as Joy, but I am damn cute, so your mistake is understandable.


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