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Fear And Loathing: CPAC 2011 Day 3

12 February 2011 @ 18:12

Today was the second day of the annual CPAC Conference in the enemy capital, Washington D.C..  It has been described as the ‘Conservative Carnival’ and it certainly is always a spirited event.

Stacy McCain and Pete, DaTechGuy are on the scene and on the beat reporting on the events in front of and behind the scenes.

-Stacy has filed four reports today, so far…

=Winning The Future [gonzo interviewing techniques on display]

= ‘Flu-Like Symptoms’ [Midnight Blue and raising Cain]

≡Best line from HC: ‘Stupid people are running America’.

=Fear and Loathing and Tri-Corner Hats in the Kruiser Cabana [everybody Wang Chung tonite! and the false MSM fun house view][it appears that Mr. Kruiser and Mr. Cain have made up]

≡A highlight:

One of the reasons I spend most of my time covering the behind-the-scenes fun at CPAC — rather than chasing the pack of media jackals in pursuit of a “gotcha” quote from the speakers on the big ballroom stage – is because their coverage provides such a warped funhouse mirror distortion of what this event is really all about.

=Everybody Write-In Your Straw-Poll Favorite: Ann Coulter [Stacy calls the wrath of the Paultards down on his head]

-Pete has been providing great coverage of the people attending CPAC [and he managed to do his radio show too].  Here’s what he’s posted so far today:

=Pictures We’ve Got Pictures [the one of Stacy is priceless]

=Late Night Bar Photos [babes and booze: what more could you ask for?]

=Doing Much Better Than At CPAC Last Year [Pete prepares for his WCRN show, but his dryer throws a fit]

=A Quick Clip Of Newt [he turned Pete into one — he got better]

=Voices Of CPAC [interview with Susan Hartwich]

=Breitbart, Crowder, Or… [Pete asks the key question of the whole Conference]

=Voices Of The Candidates [Pete interviews Haley Barbour (way to go, Pete!)]

=Voices Of The Advocates [Pete interviews Brandon from Citizens In Charge]

=Conservative Pins [the free market when free]

-Who says conservatives don’t know how to have fun?

Matthew Keller, Kathleen “Texas Sparkle” McKinley
[Photo by Stacy McCain]

Makes feel less disappointed about not attending.

-Keep checking-in with Stacy and Pete over at their joints for more on-the-scene reporting.  I’ll try to post another update on CPAC early Sunday evening, depending on how my lengthy conversation with Col. Jack Daniels goes this evening.

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