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What Is AOL Huffing?

07 February 2011 @ 17:56

I suspect that I’m very much not alone in wondering why the heck AOL is shelling out 315 million smackers for the Huffington Post.

Since I heard about the deal this morning, I’ve been racking my brain trying to figure out why this move made economic sense to the folks at AOL [my first, immediate reaction, of course, was ‘AOL is still in business?’] and I have not been alone in this

Leave it to a Gonzo to come up with the best explanation I’ve read so far:

What it means, I suspect, is that the Left is willing to “invest” in liberal media ventures that are supposedly for-profit but which, in fact, lose money. Because, after all, whose money is being invested? Not theirs.

Five words: Government employee union pension funds.

That, I suggest, explains this whole deal. Private investors are now selling their AOL shares, while managers of pension funds for AFSCME, SEIU and other unions are buying AOL stock, thus providing the investment capital necessary to fund expansion of the Left’s online media presence in advance of Obama’s re-election campaign.

Yeah, and maybe George Soros is buying AOL stock, too, for all we know.

Call me a kooky conspiracy theorist, if you like, but when a business deal doesn’t add up as dollars-and-sense capitalism, there must be some other explanation. And if ever you see a turtle sitting on top a fence post, you know it didn’t crawl up there by itself.

Profit doesn’t mean much to the Committed Left — not if you mean the word in it’s classical sense [OED: ‘financial gains’].  Oh sure, they need money to fund their various schemes, but the Manic Progressives are always willing to sacrifice dollars for propaganda [see: MSNBC].  Besides, if they play it right, they can always funnel some taxpayer dollars into funding their schemes.  

Broadcasting their lies relentlessly until they get absorbed by enough of the masses is a tactic the Leftists have employed successfully for a century now.

Consider some of the issues we debate and discuss these days in The West that are considered normal but, in fact, reflect a culture and society that has taken a very wrong turn down the road to madness:

-‘gay marriage’

-at what age schools should begin to hand out condoms

-what time of the day should K-Y Jelly ads be broadcast

-whether or not you can wish someone a Merry Christmas

-gays serving openly in the military

-women serving in combat

That these ideas are even considered worthy of discussion by serious people bespeaks of a serious decline in our mental capacities, our Right Reason.  We’re all madmen now.  The Left has managed to make us all deranged — they have successfully inflicted on us a mental revolution, whose main feature is chaotic thinking.

Cat’s foot, iron claw
Neuro-surgeons scream for more
At paranoia’s poison door.
Twenty first century schizoid man.

  1. Adobe Walls permalink
    07 February 2011 @ 19:02 19:02

    Wow King Crimson I have that on CD and remember listening to it Jr High there were ways to um make it make sense.

    Followed the link to Lonely Conservative who has a link and a question from Stephen Green to wit where did AOL get the money.
    In the related post section below an ad and the above one of the links reads
    1.Feds Paid Out A Billion Bucks to Dead People Over Last Decade
    Which led to an epiphany (I know sounds painful) remember the scene in the Movie “Independence Day” where the president asks his CIA director where do you get the funding for this and the heroes father replies “you don’t really think they paid $50 for a hammer or $300 for a toilet seat” hmm. Ever wonder why when one reads reports about stimulus checks going to inmates or dead Social Security recipients and lately tax credit checks for “green cars”. I can’t recall hearing on TV or reading about the Govt getting any of that movie back, hmmm.

  2. 07 February 2011 @ 19:11 19:11

    Thanks for the link!

  3. wayne fontes permalink
    07 February 2011 @ 20:52 20:52

    Unless AOL offers new stock they won’t receive any money from increase in stock prices. Gonzo’s, the hard headed capitalist, seems to miss this minor point.

  4. Adobe Walls permalink
    07 February 2011 @ 22:44 22:44

    Wouldn’t the price have to go up before doing a split or whatever? Wouldn’t diluting the stock at it’s current value be seen as desperation?

  5. bobbelvedere permalink*
    07 February 2011 @ 23:23 23:23

    Adobe: There’s a reason they call it ‘High’ School. I have wondered about those checks. We know there are black budgets.

    TLC: You’re welcome.

  6. 08 February 2011 @ 17:13 17:13

    It doesn’t make much sense. Maybe AOL is counting on a bailout…?


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