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Linky Lovin’ The Ladies: 05 February 2010 A.D.

05 February 2011 @ 17:41

With Your Host
The Dean Martin of The Rightosphere

Hello everybody.  It’s been quite a busy week in Le Blogosphere, so let’s get right to the business at hand: throwing a little Linky Love at those wonderful gals out there who are the backbone of the movement to restore America to her greatness…

-Over at And So It Goes In Shreveport, Pat looks at the Obama’s betrayal of our British allies and has up a nice remembrance to the late Chris Monson [aka: Snaggletoothie].

-The Lonely Conservative reports on the Administration’s latest move to kill-off small businesses and the story of havoc wrecked by Obama’s Ambassador to Luxemburg [‘Wow’ is all I can say].

-Carol Sheeple has the 411 on the fraud lawsuit that has been filed against Jimmy Carter.

-Dame Maggie has up a very good piece on the courageous Ayaan Hirsi Ali and takes Charlie Krauthammer to task for his foolish and ignorant statements about the intrepid Geert Wilders and Islam.

-Jill, the better half of the Pundit & Pundette team, published two very eye-opening posts this week [here and here] on the on-going horror that is the practice of late-term abortions.

-Over at Caught Him With A Corndog, Red’s feeling a bit depressed.  Why not head on over and cheer her up — she’s done it for us many a time.  Give her a WOOT.

-I can’t throw a link to Roxeanne de Luca cause her site’s down again.  Hopefully, she’ll be posting something here soon.  Get off ya duff and do it, Roxe!  And while you’re at it, get me a cup o’ coffee, cream, light on sugar, and make it quick. 

-Over at Eastern Right, Karen offers some spot-on observations about the situation in Egypt and proves she, unlike our Phararoh Barack Snafu II, is not sailing down De Nile River [personally, I think the whole thing’s a pyramid scheme].

-Mainline Protestants are at it again — this time playing with real fire — and Ol’ Broad has the details.  Methinks they doth Protestant too much.

-Stop me before I pun again.

-It is accepted wisdom that the meek will inherit the Earth, and, so far it’s been true, but not if Kathy Shaidle has her way.  You go girl.

-Over at Adrienne’s Catholic Corner,  she has posted, perhaps, the best short excerpt from Judge Vinson’s ruling against Obamacare that has put the Bolshes in a corner.  If you don’t have the time to read the whole decision, this snippet will give you the gist.

-From Adrienne we also learn that our favorite Bunny in the Blogosphere, Amusing Bunni is celebrating her fourth anniversary.  This wonderful gal went through some tough times last year, but she came back like the tough trooper she is, so why not head on over to her emporium and wish this lady well.  My cat Frankie ‘Two Times’ is already celebrating:

-Whether you want to get serious or get silly, Teresa can satisfy you over at Teresamerica.

-I’m sure all these gals will be publishing something to celebrate Ronald Reagan’s 100th Birthday, if they haven’t already, so please do check that out when you visit their sites.

-Well that’s about it for this time around.  To all the gals we didn’t get to: don’t worry, this is going to be a semi-regular feature here at TCOTS — we’ll eventually get around to all you wonderful ladies.  So many ladies, so little time — that’s been the story of my whole life…ah, well….

Keep those card and letter coming.

Thanks for stopping by and remember…

Everybody links somebody sometime
Everybody tracks it back somehow
Something in your blog just told me
My sometime is now

If I had it in my power
I would arrange for every girl to have your posts
Then every minute, every hour
Every boy we found what I found in your archives

Everybody links somebody sometime
Everybody tracks it back somehow
Something in your blog just told me
My sometime….

[spoken] Everybody links somebody sometime and I link you a whooole lot…
Goodnight everybody.

  1. 05 February 2011 @ 17:48 17:48

    I always loved Dean Martin… his imitators have NEVER been as charming as you! Thanks!

  2. 05 February 2011 @ 19:03 19:03

    Thank you very much for the linky love. You are a true saint who is fighting for what is right.

  3. 05 February 2011 @ 20:24 20:24

    Thank you for the links, Mr. B!

  4. 05 February 2011 @ 21:17 21:17

    This is the sweetest linky love, EVAH! Such a clever little ditty, there, Bob. The Dean Martin of the Blogosphere, indeed!

  5. 06 February 2011 @ 12:34 12:34

    Hi Bob! Thanks for the kind words and linky Love!
    I hope little Frankie doesn’t celebrate too much, he looks kind of
    uncomfortable. I hope your Weekend is wonderful!

  6. 06 February 2011 @ 16:18 16:18

    HEY! I just noticed this link back. Thanks B. *sniff*

  7. bobbelvedere permalink*
    06 February 2011 @ 18:48 18:48

    It was my pleasure, Ladies.

  8. 06 February 2011 @ 22:12 22:12

    It that really a pic of Frankie “Two Times?” Too kewl!! Thanks for the love 😉

    • bobbelvedere permalink*
      06 February 2011 @ 23:14 23:14

      Adrienne: You’re quite welcome. Yes, that’s Frankie – taken when he had a drinking problem.

  9. 07 February 2011 @ 05:56 05:56

    Bob, thanks, much appreciated! And how did you know that I love Dino?


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