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Today’s Delusional Moment Is Brought To You By…

20 January 2011 @ 11:23

…Representative John Lewis who has apparently been channeling Representative Sheila ‘The Imbecile’ Jackson Lee: also asked Lewis what part of the Constitution gives Congress the authority to require individuals to buy health insurance.

“Well, when you start off with the Preamble of the Constitution, you talk about the pursuit of happiness,” said Lewis. “You go to the 14th Amendment–it’s equal protection under the law and we have not repealed the 14th Amendment. People have a right to have health care. It’s not a privilege but a right.”

I can’t top Stacy McCain’s reply to this ignoramus:

In all sincerity, Congressman: To assert that some people have a “right” to goods and services that other people must work to produce — well, there is a phrase for that and indeed, it is mentioned in the Constitution.

Check the 13th Amendment, which abolished involuntary servitude.

Dead solid perfect.

Of course, John Lewis is a lot smarter than we give him credit for because he is following the Leftist Playbook to the letter – claim something is which isn’t using whatever argument – no matter how wrong it is – along as it gives your allies the cover they need and sounds somewhat reasonable. As Stanley Kurtz writes [in Radical-In-Chief] in a different context but on the same tactic:

…Yet it nicely illustrates the Popular Front-inspired substitution of democratic language for straightforward socialist advocacy. [page 161]

For you young-in’s out there who may not know what ‘Popular Front’ means, Mr. Kurtz provides a quick lesson:

…During [the 1930s], America’s communist dropped their openly revolutionary language and presented themselves as ordinary Americans instead. The Popular Front embraced American icons like Abraham Lincoln and the Founders, but moved to redefine them in de facto communist terms…. [page 152]

I guess being an old Cold Warrior does finally have some relevance again – seen it all before [but I’m not bitter].

Keep Your Eye On The Sparrow.

  1. smitty permalink
    20 January 2011 @ 11:46 11:46

    Sorry about the comment worries on TOM.
    You had one comment flagged, which I approved, then added you to the whitelist.
    So, in theory, there should never ever be another problem.
    Reality may differ.

  2. Adobe Walls permalink
    20 January 2011 @ 14:11 14:11

    Disqus is thoroughly retarded.

  3. bobbelvedere permalink*
    20 January 2011 @ 17:18 17:18

    Smitty: Thank you, cyberwarrior!

    Adobe: I hate having to sign in for each comment I want to leave.

  4. Adobe Walls permalink
    20 January 2011 @ 17:35 17:35

    I’m sorry did I forget, in my earlier post, to mention that Rep Lewis’s remarks are classic symptoms of that degenerating ailment known as Manic Progressivism?

    • bobbelvedere permalink*
      20 January 2011 @ 20:13 20:13

      Adobe: Don’t do it again!

  5. 20 January 2011 @ 20:13 20:13

    John Lewis and Sheila Jackson Lee are products of the modern education system and affirmative action, as is the CIC.


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