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Bob’s Musings: Use Your Mentality, Step Up, Wake Up To Reality

11 January 2011 @ 14:48

Bob's Muse

-If we’re going to blame the boiling political climate for causing Jared Loughner to shoot and murder, then I agree with Jed Babbin that the fault, dear brutals, lies not in the Right, but with one man:

There is no evidence whatsoever that the attack on Giffords and the others is a result of political rhetoric. The political anger there is — built over nearly two years of the Obama presidency — resulted in a force that ejected of 63 House members last November. And the root cause of the anger is to be found in the man who resides in the White House.

Every president is responsible for the political climate while he is in office. Using the Bully Pulpit, controlling his agenda and in dealing with the Congress and the public, every president has at least great control — if not sole control — of the level of heat in American politics. When a president loses that control, like Obama did last fall, it presages a political disaster for him and his party.

President Obama is a tumultuary. He governs by inflating or inventing crises which he insists must be acted upon as he prescribes with an immediacy that tolerates no delay or debate. His signature remark — repeated again and again — is that “The time for talk is over. The time for action is now.”

Obama derides debate, and refuses to answer critics, choosing instead to end the discussion….

It is a main part of the Leftist Playbook to create ‘revolutionary conditions’ out of which the Left will emerge as triumphent. What do they mean by that term? They mean that it is necessary to create disorder, a breakdown of law, and sentiments brought to the boiling point [Lenin and the Bolsheviks found themselves in just such a situation in 1917 and successfully overthrew the Provisional Government, establishing The Soviet Union]. It is through such tumult, such extreme situations, that the Left believes they can make enough people see that their salvation lies with a communist/socialist regime taking power. Cloward, Piven, Alinsky, Lenin, Trotsky, Mao, Stalin, Ayers, and the Obamas all trust or trusted in this view. A good example of the strategy at work in the past few days has been the attempt by several lawmakers to introduce tougher gun control laws to restrict aspects of firearms ownership that have nothing to do with Saturday’s incident despite the fact that Loughner passed a background check [that he had no record despite his public disturbances is something Sheriff Dupnik might want to be pushed to answer for].

-In discussing the psychiatric condition of Loughner over at The Corner, Sally Satel makes this point about how we are legally forced to treat the mentally ill in this day and age:

…but we must remember that, according to mental-health law, we cannot restrict another’s freedom without first knowing whether he is poised to harm others or himself due to mental illness. Acting weird or lapsing into psychosis, while frightening for everyone and tragic for the ill person, is not, in itself, a crime. Nor does being psychotic necessarily mean one can be treated involuntarily.

Until the Left, through organizations like the ACLU, made it near impossible for police officers to confine those having mental breakdowns in public, they were able to do the humane thing and place these sad people into protective custody or send them to a mental institution for evaluation and treatment.

-The shutting down of the mental institutions by the Leftist ‘reformers’ begun in the 1970’s has been one of the most inhumane acts ever perpetrated in The United States. It has forced thousands of mentally ill individuals to try to survive in a world where they cannot fit in as normal people do. This is another horrible example of the results of Leftist Thinking – the idea was developed in the sterile laboratory of their minds, away from the real world, but it was imposed on the real world, and has caused anguish to the mentally ill and death and injury to the non-ill. We must rewrite the law and reopen the institutions.

-I am old enough to remember why the move to shut down the mental institutions gained so much momentum: investigative reporters and journalists like Geraldo Rivera uncovered horrendous abuses and conditions in state-run hospitals for these people [the films are almost impossible to watch]. What resulted, however, was the average American going along with the idea of throwing the baby out with the bathwater – eliminating the mental hospitals altogether and thrusting their patients out onto the streets and into group homes in our neighborhoods. The Left took advantage of our compassionate natures to advance their goal of fostering societal disorder…and they succeeded.

-Speaking of psychiatry, Stacy McCain offers a spot-on diagnosis:

Because liberals in the media cannot recognize or admit the reality of their own bias — they are not objective about their own non-objectivity — they inevitably act as enablers to those who agree with them.

This is why, as Donald Douglas says, progressives actually escalated the blame game after Loughner was revealed to be a psychotic whom high-school friends remembered as having “left wing” beliefs. They were like a gambler on a losing streak, sure that the next number must be black, because he’s already lost $500 when black didn’t come up on the last six spins.

-I am hoping to move on to other subjects.

  1. 11 January 2011 @ 14:57 14:57

    Yes, governing in opposition to the will of the people tends to make the people a bit testy. Just a little something for the ruling class to keep in mind.
    “Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”

  2. bobbelvedere permalink*
    11 January 2011 @ 20:48 20:48

    Liberty: If they fail to keep it in mind, they do so at their peril – which ain’t such a bad thing.

  3. Adobe Walls permalink
    11 January 2011 @ 21:33 21:33

    If there is any good coming from this one part may be that it encourages the left totalitarians to come out of the closet. Any politician from either party who proposes any legislation in reaction to this tragedy should be viewed with extreme suspicion.

    • bobbelvedere permalink*
      11 January 2011 @ 23:18 23:18

      Adobe: Sadly, Peter King has.

  4. 12 January 2011 @ 00:27 00:27

    Well said, Bob. Well said. We need to keep on exposing this far and wide. Keep up the good work sir!

  5. 12 January 2011 @ 12:59 12:59

    It defies logic that even the Pima County College could not expel him for daily disruptions of the class. It came up often with the staff, and it took a long time to push him out, because he had not yet “hurt” anyone. Ridiculous. “Societal disorder” – excellently said Bob. I’m linking in my news and views tomorrow.

  6. bobbelvedere permalink*
    12 January 2011 @ 16:15 16:15

    Matt: Thank you for the kind words and encouragement. You’re quite right: we need to keep shining the light on the Left’s strategy and tactics.

    Dame Maggie: You can thank the Goo-Goo Civil Libertarians. They were always more concerned with making points about rights then about the welfare of actual mentally ill people [classic Leftist logic].


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