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Some Housekeeping

07 January 2011 @ 17:46

1) A small number of comments left by you all are getting caught-up in my Spam Filter, so please don’t despair when you leave one, hit Post Comment, and it disappears.  I’m trying to be diligent in checking the Spam Bucket and approving them.  I’ve encountered this problem rather frequently on other WordPress sites when I leave a comment.  I’ve found that if I don’t fill-out the website field [which is not required], the comment will get through.  With the holidays and my health issues, I haven’t tried to contact the folks at WordPress yet about these annoyances, but I will.

2) The issue with trackbacks is still on-going, but not as bad as before.  Most of my trackbacks seem to be getting through, unlike before.

3) However, your Incoming Links are sometimes not coming to my attention via the Dashboard.  This is another matter I will be bringing-up with the folks at WP.

4) If I haven’t linked you in a while, please understand that I’ve made so many Friends In The Ether that it’s become quite tough to keep up with what you all are doing.  I do eventually get around to everybody, I assure you.  Over at The Sundries Shack, Jimmie Bise has developed an idea [Clearing The Browser Tabs] that helps him in this, and the idea, it seems, has caught-on with others.  I may try it. 

5) You may have noticed that some of the postings I file during the day contain formatting outside of the standard TCOTS kind.  This is because I am restricted in what I can do when I post from my secondary location.  You will also notice that in the Evening I tend to update said postings and try to bring them up to my standards or add photos.

6) One of the bits of wisdom I have learned since I began blogging in April of 2008 is: Don’t commit TMI.  We are all tempted by it, I know.  So strong, in fact, is the temptation that even professionals like Stacy McCain give-in from time to time, as we see here:

Of course, [Natalie] Portman’s still in the morning-sickness phase of pregnancy, which sucks. The best part of pregnancy – let me hear you testify, people! — is third-trimester sex.

I really didn’t need to know that.

7) BTW: TCOTS Rule 5 fans will notice that we’ve never featured Miss Portman here.  That is because she’s too damn bony.  If her pregnancy has the result of filling her out, then you can plan on seeing her here in the future.  We have strict Rule 5 standards [one of which, by the way, is no pictures of pregnant women will be posted — a woman in that condition is off-limits].

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