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Bob’s Musings: James Bowman, Sky Pilate, Scientism, Key Insight

07 January 2011 @ 09:01

-I just had the chance to do some catch-up on my reading of the latest writings of one of my favorite authors: James Bowman. He writes for both The American Spectator and The New Criterion. If you know of him, it is probably as a film reviewer and cultural commentator at the former. In his pieces for the latter, he has more room to philosophize and it is always well-worth the effort to journey through was is not easy reading. In an essay for the September issue of The New Criterion, Mr. Bowman considers the phenomenon that plagues us these days of people thinking their opinions are THE Truth, no questioning possible [as he succinctly phrases the practice 'Everyman his own Pope']. I would urge you strongly to take the time to click here and read the whole thing, but do so only when it can be done without interruption and when you will have sufficient time to stop and contemplate [I know, I know, the pace of life these days makes that kind of setting hard to find oneself in]

-Pontius Pilate famously asked ‘What is truth?’ I think he was, perhaps, the first Marxist, for the question implies that there is a relativity that governs what is, that A may not be A, that what is without doubt is only without doubt for the individual or group that believes it to be so and that, therefore, what is without doubt is not universal – ie: there are no universal Truths. In other words, something cannot be absolute unless it is concretely absolute, and there are those who would argue that, in light of Einstein, not even that applies any longer. The latter argue that everything is based on individual perception, which is, well, individual to the individual who is unique in the way he interprets things [this kind of thinking I deem to be nothing more than a philosophical form of masturbation]. The former worship at the alter of Scientism – which is interesting because it means that these people, while demanding proof in scientific matters, believe all else is based on faith and, supposedly, they despise those with faith. To question whether or not Absolute Truths exist is to open the door to the belief that nothing is real and, if nothing is real, then Whim governs everything. That means Anarchy rules the world. Such thinking is Nihilism, plain and simple. Pontius Pilate questioned the existence of Absolute Truth. The Leftist does the same by believing that reality, one part of which is man’s nature, can be re-engineered.

-Speaking of Scientism, some thoughts on it;s deification by the Elites: The key word here is ‘deification’, the belief that through Science all answers can be found. Such god-makers deny the transcendent element in human existence. They are also the grandest of the grand hypocrites because they seek nothing less than to make Science religious-like, to declare that it ‘exists apart from, is not subject to the limitations of, the material universe’ [The Oxford Dictionary And Thesaurus, American Edition, 1996].

-For the past century or so, school children have be propagandized to believe in Scientism, to take, ironically, it on faith that all answers can be found if the microscope is correctly focused. But, not everything is knowable. This, I believe, is one of the great conservative insights and, when one discovers this truth, one has earned the right to call oneself a conservative.

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.
Hamlet, I, v

-‘Who Is John Boehner?’, the bum said as Eddie G. Willikers walked by him [opening line from Paul Rand's novel Atlas Blubbered].

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