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The Righteous Rant Of The Day…

05 January 2011 @ 13:24

…is awarded to me for the comments I left yesterday over at Stacy McCain’s joint [no pun intended] regarding Captain Owen Honors being relieved of command of the USS Enterprise for a rather raunchy and low-humored video he made several years ago, when he was Executive Officer, to uplift the spirits of his men on a long and dangerous deployment:

As Stacy commented in another posting on this story:

Just to be clear about the rules of the New Navy in the post-DADT era: An admiral can dress in drag and march in the San Francisco Gay Pride Parade, but any sailor who makes a wisecrack about such behavior will be drummed out of the service.

My rant:

Jesus Christ and General Jackson! We’re talking about sailers, soldiers, and marines here – they shoot and blowup people and break things…and they’ve kept us safe from harm so we can whine when we see the rough side of military life.

I predicted this kind of crap would happen back when they began refusing to let in men who smoked.

John Derbyshire is right:

We are now 35 years further along Wussification Highway. In 1975 schools still had shooting clubs, murderers were executed, skyscrapers were built in a couple of years, and wars were still, or had recently been, executed with massed flights of bomber planes pulverizing the enemy’s cities. Professional football teams played in the snow.

Now we are a soft, cringing, fearful, lawyerly, girly nation. Shooting clubs are becoming extinct—the nearest one to me is twenty miles away. School shooting clubs are unthinkable. I built a treehouse for my kids, but neighborhood parents wouldn’t let their little darlings go up there: too dangerous! A legal system of infinite punctiliousness makes capital punishment impossible even where it is theoretically available. If you want to build a skyscraper, set aside a decade for the regulatory and environmental red tape to be hacked through. War has been reduced to a sort of missionary endeavor, bringing light—democracy! rule of law! free markets!—to the heathen.


WTF, indeed.

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