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And Now A Word From One Of Our Sponsors…

22 December 2010 @ 11:21

  1. 22 December 2010 @ 12:28 12:28

    It’s a perfect match for that lamp I got in the mail. The Missus is going to love it!

  2. 22 December 2010 @ 16:48 16:48

    The lamp in the box marked “Fragile?”

  3. 22 December 2010 @ 18:25 18:25

    Good grief, man! What’s the price? S&H?? Availability for Christmas???

  4. 22 December 2010 @ 19:40 19:40

    Bob, you are so creative! I hope you are putting that in your “man cave” room, because speaking as a woman, I wouldn’t be too fond of it in the living room. ha ha.

    Have a Merry Christmas with your lovely family, and check your email.
    God Bless, Bunni

  5. 22 December 2010 @ 20:10 20:10

    As soon as NOW is done suing Hooters, they’re coming for you!

  6. KingShamus permalink
    22 December 2010 @ 21:14 21:14

    Hottest table legs-EVAH.

  7. bobbelvedere permalink*
    30 December 2010 @ 18:07 18:07

    Steven: Shutup Ralphie!

    Lancelot Link: You non-Italians think you’re funny.

    Bunni: Thank you.

    Matt: I can handle ugly zombie lesbians.

    Your Majesty: You do me a great honor by saying those kind words.

    Proof: I saved you for last in order to have time to get the link:
    [mention my name and they’ll have you arrested]


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