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This Is A Rule 5 News Special Report…

17 December 2010 @ 21:28

The Playboy Playmate Of The Year for 1968, Angela Dorian, ironically now 68 years old, has been charged in the attempted murder of her husband of 25 years, Bruce Rathgeb.

Ace [loving] reporter, Robert Stacy McCain has filed an exhaustive report over at The Other McCain.  A highlight:

Bruce Rathgeb developed an infection and was rushed to the hospital today. Meanwhile, TMZ reports today that the gun Victoria allegedly used to shoot her husband was a .380 Walther PPK which had been given to her by Roman Polanski.

Recall that Polanski’s wife Sharon Tate had starred in Rosemary’s Baby, in which Vetri also had a part. The two actresses became friends and, after Tate was killed by the Manson gang, Polanski gave Vetri the pistol to protect herself.

Thank you Stacy McCain.  Where was the Lamestream Media with this story and nudie pictures?

We here at TCOTS prefer to remember Miss Dorian as she was back when the world was her oyster…

Please click on the image above to see full-size.

Special Thanks to The Cardinal†.

A word from the Prophet Bob:
‘I see a television in the future and it is full of air and Angela Dorian is on it’.

  1. C Monster permalink
    18 December 2010 @ 13:24 13:24

    Ah, the days before Playboy went pubic. She was fine.

  2. M. Thompson permalink
    18 December 2010 @ 13:45 13:45

    Great legs, and much better as a brunette than as a blonde.

  3. 19 December 2010 @ 15:49 15:49

    A Little Rule 5 Linkage

  4. bobbelvedere permalink*
    19 December 2010 @ 19:10 19:10

    Everybody: Follow Phil’s link – here’s real good at Rule 5 aggregating.

    CM: That she was.

    MT: Agreed. I Eyetalian gals should always keep their hair dark.


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