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They Pulled A Fast One…

14 December 2010 @ 09:00

…but, then again, it wasn’t much of an achievement ’cause they pulled it on a bunch of dingbats and idiots.

Yesterday the Senate voted 83-15 on cloture for the Obama-McConnell-Boehner Tax-Pork Bill. The GOP Leadership got snookered once again, apparently telling Obama in the meeting which led to this folly: ‘Please sir, may I have another’. Barry and his Socialist pals were happy to oblige and they gave it good and hard.

Stacy McCain:

How did they get 80+ votes for cloture? Pork. This bill contains more pork than a Carolina barbecue shack….

So high is the pork content of this monstrosity that the Democrats who vote for it are all in Walter Reed Hospital this morning having their arteries cleaned out.

Five Republicans voted against it, including Jim DeMint, the man who I am now convinced, more than ever, should be leading the GOP in the Senate. Granny Mitch should be sent to the Dog Track along with Crying John ‘Boner’ Boehner [who can bring his Kleenex along].

Jimmie Bise has posted a Righteous Rant that deserves to go viral:

…Before today, Republicans in Congress held all the political momentum and were poised to make real inroads on both the deficit and the economy, thanks to a historic election. All they had to do was show a little backbone and some media savvy to delay any tax deal until they took over the House next month. The message was sitting right in front of them — Democrats had years to do something about the tax rates but they dithered and delayed in a crass attempt to score political points at our expense — but they were too eager to cut a deal to see it. So, in a grand display of compromise, they gave away all their bargaining chips and joined hands with a President so badly damaged that he couldn’t even handle his own press conference. Now, the Democrats are talking about altering the deal the Republicans brokered and do you doubt for a moment that they’ll get every thing they want?

Neither do I.

How friggin’ depressing.

But, let us not forget that many of us deserve some of the blame, as Stacy points out:

Because, let’s face it, we were askin’ for it, running around in short skirts and lipstick and telling pollsters we want to keep our tax cuts and get 99 weeks of unemployment benefits, too.

Voters to Congress: “Will you respect us in the morning?”

Congress to voters: “Hell, we don’t respect you now. What makes you think we’ll change our mind in the morning?”

Merry Christmas America.

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