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14 December 2010 @ 13:57

Special Guest Posting by My Good Friend
The Rev. David R. Graham

Great effort has been expended analyzing the abyss of “progressives,” “leftists,” “liberals,” but with unstable results. To the analytical mind, they behave like the proverbial greased pig, messy to grasp and impossible to hold. One minute one thinks one has them, the next instant they are away. They seem to appear from deep springs of taint they find sustaining. And invariably, contact with them leaves one feeling filthy, searching for cleansing agents.

The practitioners of “Pick the Target, Freeze It, Personalize It and Polarize It” are difficult to spot, impossible to arrest, skilled at self-depersonalizing and, apparently, beyond polarities. This makes them a formidable enemy.

They appear to descend from Marx, from Lenin, from Hitler, from Idi Amin. And from Lumumba, H. G. Cox, T. Ramadan, Stalin, Sartre, Browner, Guevara, B. M. Hubbard, Derrida, Louis XIV, Popper, Alinsky, Cloward and Priven, Spong, Wilde, al Wahhab, E. W. Blyden, Marcuse, Holdren, Mugabe, Voltaire, Commoner, Rousseau, Ehrlich, Cone, T. H. Green, Hocking, Odinga, Mead, Fanon, Qutb, Soros, etc., and virtually every liberal arts faculty in the Indo-European-speaking orbit.

Used of them are descriptions such as “liberal,” “socialist,” “tyrant,” “son-of-a-bitch,” “elite,” “progressive,” “communist,” “terrorist,” “racist,” “narcissist,” “leftist,” “bastard,” “tone-deaf,” “power-mad,” “liar,” “statist,” “deceiver,” “do-gooder,” “nanny-stater,” “pc,” “multi-culturalist,” “nihilist,” “trans-nationalist,” “psychopath,” “eliminationist,” “green,” “globalist,” “tribalist,” “anarchist,” “homosexual,” “misogynist,” “sociopath,” “Democrat,” etc.

Now, while such descents and descriptions are accurate and therefore necessary, none is sufficient. Every one of them fails to satisfy ultimately because none identifies the core of the phenomenon, the center of its personality.

That core, that center, is CHAOS: making it, spreading it, enjoying it, being it.

A curse illustrating the center of progressive/leftist/liberal personality issues from Shakespeare’s Marc Antony when alone with the corpse of murdered Caesar. That personality (Greek Goddess Atë, Roman Serum) “come[s] hot from hell” with barking dogs, a cankered, malevolent creature in human form, an ogress crying, “Havoc!”

The progressive/leftist/liberal personality evokes also the ogres of Vedic lore who, possessing un-human powers, create countless disguises, some charming, some terrifying, some seducing, to avoid detection and succeed in their missions, which are to cause harm.

Ogre personality is unlike human personalty. Ogres want to hurt. They hate humans. They enjoy hurting humans, especially turning the knife in their victims whilst telling those victims they are doing them good. Progressive/leftist/liberal personalty dreams of mocking, slicing, pouring, hitting, stabbing, hanging, raping. It revels in anticipation of demeaning, overbearing, overwhelming, robbing, crushing, slapping, disemboweling. It relishes thoughts of pushing, sinking, burning, ripping, rioting, stoking, throwing, blowing up. “Hit back harder.”

And of course, ogre personality projects these violent impulses onto its victims, accusing them of harboring hurtful intent towards their oppressor. The truth, of course, is that the human foci of ogre depredations rise in self-defense, being otherwise insouciant respecting ogres and their impulses, despite their anti-human nature.

Ogre personalities do attack each other (cf., Afghans and some members of national political parties), however, in this case there is no projection of malicious intent. That exists on both sides of conflict between orgres.

The nature of existence affords progressive/leftist/liberal personality opportunities to hurt (and be hurt). So, ordinary people, humans, have a problem: enemies live amongst them, they share space and resources with anti-human creatures. This condition is the causa belli. It is the reason peace cannot be given but must be earned and cannot be permanent.

“Only the dead have seen the end of war.”
“War is the father of all things.”

Let us, therefore, propose an acronym and description of “progressives,” “leftists,” “liberals:” C H A O S








Ogre personalities do not want progress, femininity (the left or feminine side of the body) or liberty. They want confusion as prelude to looting the wealth and purity of humans and making them unhappy. Ogre personalities thrive on the unhappiness of others. It is their nourishment. They are permanent enemy combatants guaranteeing the permanence of warfare to beat down them.

They want chaos, therefore deem them Chaotics.

Their delusion is imagining they can control chaos, to make it work for them. A large lot of grossly monied people today are Chaotics.

Humans are orderly and build things. They engineer all manner of creations that benefit individuals, groups, societies, environments and history. As distinguished from beasts, their functions are religion, culture and morality. By the sweetness of their fruits they are known, and by the improving provenance of their manners.

The difference between a progressive and a human is the difference between a blast and a building.

The difference between a leftist and a human is the difference between a freak and a female.

The difference between a liberal and a human is the difference between a lie and a laugh.

Dharma supports those who support Dharma.
Duty is God. Work is Worship.
Beauty is Bliss.

  1. 16 December 2010 @ 09:40 09:40

    And invariably, contact with them leaves one feeling filthy, searching for cleansing agents.

    What we need is a conservative gal with OCD – women are born for this kind of thing.


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