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Pathetic Neurotic Hags And Their Allies

06 December 2010 @ 20:16

There’s a kind of woman out there who can be best summed-up as a human toothache — she is a wretchedly unhappy person who hates her life and wishes to drag everyone she meets down into her fetid emotional swamp.  She exudes an air of dreary and banal poverty of the soul combined with the odor of chronic depressive irrationality that together forms a miasma of constant misery and shabbiness of conduct.  Such a person deeply envies those who are normal, who move through adversity and tragedy and keep on living.  Sometimes this type of woman turns to lesbianism, sometimes to fag haggery.  No matter what road they take, however, their pathetic neurosis follow them.

Margaret Cho and Kathy Griffin are two such women.  They toil in the fields of comedy, but they are not funny.  Real, overwrought anger is not funny except to other neurotics.  That is why their fan base consists of Feminists and homosexuals — the poster girls and boys for frenzied neuroses.

In his latest posting, Stacy McCain looks at what Cho and Griffin have said recently about Bristol Palin directly and her mother, of course, indirectly.  The first word that came to my mind upon reading it was ‘pathetic’.  Please do take the time to read it all. 

Stacy also manages to touch on a few related issues, such as this one:

Can we talk bluntly here? Feminists who claim that “body image” issues are a product of oppressive male patriarchal misogyny are full of crap. Normal, traditional, heterosexual guys aren’t ones telling women they have to be rail-thin to be attractive. I think I speak for a majority of Regular Guys in saying that we evaluate a woman’s attractiveness based on the package deal. It’s more than looks, and even if we are evaluating women on looks alone, the formula “skinny = sexy” doesn’t add up.

There are sexy skinny women and ugly skinny women, and there are big women who are totally hot. Most guys are hesitant to say that out loud, and there’s a good bit of joshing about chubby chasers, but when push comes to shove — er, so to speak — most fellows don’t mind a girl “with a little meat on her bones,” as we say down home.

Beauty comes in all sizes, and it’s not Regular Guys who are driving women to anorexia. The fashion industry isn’t dominated by Regular Guys. The editors of Vogue and Cosmo, the designers and photographers and fashion reporters aren’t Regular Guys. No, the beauty industry is run by women and gay men, and so if you want to point the finger about “body image” issues in the fashion culture, don’t point the finger at the “oppressive patriarchy.”

Dead.  Solid.  Perfect.  It is these types who, I believe, out of a twisted hatred for the average woman, design and promote fashions and cosmetic styles that seek to make women look like mutant freaks in a bizarre sideshow — an Atrocity Exhibition, if you will.  They seek to enforce their sick vision of hatred of human life on females, just as they aggressively seek to figuratively castrate males.  This is Nihilism, plain and simple.

  1. 06 December 2010 @ 20:35 20:35

    What is it about these female “comedians” like Joy Behar, Margaret Cho, Rosie ODonnell and Sandra Bernhard? They aren’t funny. They are so ate up with hate that they are a pathetic site.

    I’m not ready to vote for Palin for president, but I do love how she drives the left crazy!

  2. 06 December 2010 @ 23:40 23:40

    June Cleaver they ain’t.

  3. Roxeanne de Luca permalink
    07 December 2010 @ 03:03 03:03

    Stacy’s absolutely correct that the “oppressive patriarchy” (read: heterosexual white males who want to marry a woman and have kids with her) do NOT promote this digusting vision of “women”. I put the term in quotes, because the entire purpose is to make women not look like women – or at least not women who could sustain a pregnancy to term (or have, heaven forbid, been pregnant before). The fashion industry is full of excuses (such as “the clothes hang better on thinner women” – patently absurd, since the clothes will need to fit and flatter normal women), but the obvious end result is to hate women who look like they’ve hit puberty. Last I checked, there is something deeply wrong with people who want women to look as if they are men or girls who have yet to hit puberty.

    Some of the reason that Sarah Palin is so hot is because she’s had five kids. She has curves. She has that “hot momma” thing going on.

    Now, as a neurotic woman (redundancy??), I’m here to tell you that we all hate our bodies, or parts of our bodies, at least some of the time. But the parts of our bodies that we often hate the most are the ones men like the most – breasts and hips. Men – real men, i.e. members of the oppressive patriarchy – love that we have breasts and hips, because they don’t have them and they remind them that we’re women. Insecure beta males, i.e. liberal men, don’t like being reminded that we’re women because it highlights that they aren’t really men.

    Sorry, I’m ranting.

  4. 07 December 2010 @ 05:27 05:27

    So I was right to pass by the Margaret Cho DVD that showed her in the oh-so-yesterday Che Guevara pose.

  5. 07 December 2010 @ 13:56 13:56

    Hi Saint . . . Silverfiddle has it right. As usual. The liberal roar is amazing when Sarah Palin is mentioned. Isn’t it kind of below the belt for wacko comics, liberal or not, to go after Sarah’s children? I’ve no problem with friendly comments and jokes, but mean spirited criticism should be out of bounds. . . Bump

  6. 07 December 2010 @ 16:22 16:22

    Near as I ccan tell all the designers, photographers, etc et are certified, self-proclaimed woman-haters (and I’m danged if I can figure out how man-lover works out here–they can’t love any men I know) and their products are clear evidence that they see women as disgusting creatures.

    The puzzle to me is how they are able to persuade women to match the image they draw.

  7. bobbelvedere permalink*
    07 December 2010 @ 20:45 20:45

    Silver: Apparently, there’s enough of an audience in losers so they keep employed. Also, the Left loves these types and encourages them. I, like you, really enjoy how Sarah drives ’em bonkers.

    Proof: June Cleaver wouldn’t take their jive and she’d give ’em a righteous arse-kicking.

    Roxe: You’re rants are always welcomed here. You know I agree with you because I’ve railed against that female look that is promoted of gals looking like fourteen-year-old boys, especially from the waist down.

    GN6: Indeed. You proved what a wise man you are. Of course, your appreciation of Gina Elise is even better proof.

    Dixon: The Left doesn’t believe in morality – in fact, one of it’s goals is to delegitimate and destroy morality and manners – so it can only be expected to conduct itself in a civilized way when it suits it’s ends [such as gaining admitance in proper circles]. PS: Adding you to my version of The Blogroll.

    Larry: They bring out the mothering instinct in some women and others find them charming [for lack of a better word]. Underneath it all, I theorize, they are Nihilists.

    All: Thanks for the comments.

  8. 07 December 2010 @ 23:47 23:47

    That is very good Bob. Feminazis are based in hatred. They run on it like a life-force. And, it starts from within. They take their own self hatred, and focus on everyone and everything that they can, except for the true source.

  9. 08 December 2010 @ 06:14 06:14

    Speaking of Gina…

  10. 08 December 2010 @ 10:46 10:46

    It’s my understanding that Kathy Griffin spends many dark and lonely nights by herself. The troops were once again magnificent with their boos.

  11. bobbelvedere permalink*
    08 December 2010 @ 17:02 17:02

    Matt: If we harnessed all that Hate Energy, our fuel supply problem would be solved.

    All TCOTS Readers: Follow Gregory’s link and help out Gina!

  12. David R. Graham permalink
    08 December 2010 @ 19:46 19:46

    “Nihilists” is spot on. Their love is chaos, which they assume they can make work for them. Their messiah just showed them that they can’t.

    @Roxeanne: my wife makes those points frequently.

    Sheldon writes: “The puzzle to me is how they are able to persuade women to match the image they draw.” I second that for myself. I cannot fathom it, goes in the same category as why Mohammedan women tolerate the unspeakable misogyny they endure, straight from “Koranic scholars.”

    @Roxeanne, perhaps you can illuminate an answer to that question? When half the race at least is female, how in the name of all that’s gracious does misogyny get started, maintain and even expand? Now academics want to bring Mohammedan misogyny to the USA, under threat, of course, but they won’t admit that, and long ago they refused, also under threat, to face the terrible misogyny endured by African and Afro-American females. It is beyond me.

    On the other hand, Soldiers returning from Afghanistan say that worse than being caught by Taliban is being caught by Afghan women, whose brutality is worse than that of their male counterparts. Again, I heard once a first-hand report of terrifying, eye-averting, fiery hated of her husband emanating from the eyes, through the slit in her body-covering, of a wealthy Kuwaiti women at a Kuwait airport.

    @Roxeanne, again, can you illumine this conundrum, or perhaps say, situation?

  13. Roxeanne de Luca permalink
    09 December 2010 @ 14:30 14:30


    First, the easy one: in the Oppression Olympics (i.e. the “I have it worse than you do” or “My group is more worthy of protection than your group” game that lefties play), women come in dead last. We’re behind minorities (see Hillary v. Obama, 2008). We’re behind multiculturalism (see, the left’s non-condemnation of the Taliban). Also, any human rights cause supported by conservatives (e.g. sex-selective abortion) is Not Really That Bad. So hell will freeze over before the Left gives a fig about women in the Middle East and the horrors that are brought over here.

    Second part. Yes, women are half the population, but that doesn’t mean that we have always had half the power. The best analogy I can make is to Roe v. Wade: pro-lifers are more numerous than their pro-choice counterparts, and most people don’t think that a woman should be allowed to have an abortion for any old reason. Yet, in America, we’re stuck with abortion on demand, up through the sixth month of pregnancy, because the Supreme Court put that in place. Likewise, as a relic of eras in which strength mattered more than numbers, women don’t have half the political clout. If you’re expecting me to engage in misogynist head-patting, by pretending that women either were totally happy being treated as property during the 19th century or that we really are not as capable as men, I suggest that you go elsewhere.

    Reality is that women on the frontier had more equality than women in, say, plantations on the South. Wyoming gave women the franchise first; our first GOP VP nominee came from Alaska. Et cetera. So it’s a political and a cultural thing. I mean, women under the Taliban wanted that to end, but when everyone else has the guns, the vote, and the armies, you’re (sorry to say) not going to win.

  14. Roxeanne de Luca permalink
    09 December 2010 @ 14:37 14:37

    Now, as for persuading women to be anorexic or whatever: hell if I know! A lot of women these days are incredibly obese, and I’m not sure that it’s not unrelated to this gross-looking models (if you can’t be model-slim because it’s unattainable, why bother trying?).

    I think some of it is that enough women are slaves to fashion so that the rest of us have to deal with this nonsense, since it will always have a market. I’m a size 6 (and could probably lose about three pounds, but look a little drawn and worn-down after that), and I buy clothes are are meant for women who are shaped like I am. I don’t care if something is “fashionable” (like skinny jeans) but look terrible on me; in my mind, the purpose of cute clothing is to flatter my figure. But a lot of women don’t think that way. Look at Carrie Bradshaw’s character on Sex and the City and the way that women try to emulate her. She’s insecure and wears clothes that just look terrible on her, but are in style, so everyone approves.

    But I swear, it seems like a big part of “fashion” these days is about exclusion – designing things that only certain women can ever wear, so they get to be up on the pedestal, leaving the rest of us to be “unfashionable” or looking utterly silly in clothes that we should never put on our bodies.

  15. 10 December 2010 @ 01:41 01:41

    Just google Kathy Griffin and Levi Johnston – it puts a whole new light on her bashing Bristol. If you don’t come away saying “what a f-cking bitch”… <–for one.
    Kathy Griffin "Heartbroken" Over "Former Flame" Levi Johnston Griffin often joked that Johnston was her boyfriend. Last summer, the two hit the red carpet arm-in-arm at the Teen Choice Awards. She even traveled to Johnston’s hometown of Wasilla to hang with her “man-boy-toy-escort” in an episode of her Bravo reality show “Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D List.”


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