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Adventures! In! Spamland!

03 December 2010 @ 23:30

Not only do we read each and every comment you all leave here at TCOTS, but we enjoy reading the spam messages we get before I send them into the  black hole of the Trash Bin [aka: Katie Couric’s Who-Who].  Most are just the same old, same old.  But, occasionally, one proves to be somewhat interesting and unintentionally humorous.  Also, they can provide a situation well-disposed to our showcasing of our marvellous wits.

All of the gang here at the TCOTS Redoubt have taken on the duty of responding to the many interesting spam messages we receive.

1) From WhatToWearToAClub:

Cute boys dancing in sexy short dresses and heels…

I found your entry interesting thus I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog

Bob: Look, Ling Ling, while I appreciate having readers from all over the world, I would prefer you weirdos from Thailand would stay away.  Yeah, I know, one night in Bangkok can make a hard man humble — I understand all that.  But we run a gal-friendly site around here and we ain’t queer, so get used to it.  Perhaps I’m being too harsh…nawh.  Actually, now that I think of it, perhaps you came here by typing in the wrong the name of the site you really wanted to visit — I think you want or

2) From Network Camera commenting on one of Bob’s many posts which suck-up to praise Stacy McCain:

Genuinely definitely very good website article which has got me considering. I never looked at this from your point of view.

Bob: Glad to see you’re no longer riding on the short bus, NC.

3) From Bizomy:

So what might you anticipate to find in the cupboard under the stairs? Coats, perhaps. Shoes and boots? Vacuum cleaner? Or perhaps another door – to a place where doors move around, where a great spider has a tailors shop, where the giant jelly monst…

Hagbard Celine: Wake up Biz, man!  You’re on a bad trip, dude!  Wake up.  Don’t trip out on us, man; you’ll go all schizoid.

Lord Fatheringay Von Whoopsie: The dear boy obviously got lost in my vestibule.  I do wish I remembered the 1960’s; I would know what to do.

4) From Chancerylanedelmar:

So True? So False? Are the Jonas Brothers Dunzo?!…

I found your entry interesting thus I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog

The Right Reverend Murray Schadenfreude-Zeitgeist: It is waaayyy past your mental bedtime, little girl.

Hagbard Celine: So Who Cares?

Bob: Is that you Ling Ling?

5) From Seomax:

Wonderful article post on the blog bro. This particular is just a tremendously nicely structured blog post, just the data I was looking just for. Thank you

Hagbard Celine: Must be a loose woman who wrote this ’cause she missed her period.

Dr. Clyde ‘Fingers’ Proctor, OB-SCAT: If that’s true, Hagbard, then I would guess her last name is ‘Pad’, middle initial ‘E’.

6) From Roulette Winning Strategy:

May just be the Most excellent subject which I browsed through all week?

Bob: Make up your mind, Clyde, I ain’t got all day.

7) From FredagFlemingyb:

Facebook are as fill as the restaurant in which the chef’s heart was served, says mr blackey. “the seclusion settings on facebook do depend on your knowledge to decide on who your friends are and what kind of relation you rancour with them. “you can micturate exclusive people stuff see alone foreordained parts of your facebook login spot, but for most material, anybody who is a ‘personal’ can regain what you make. He acute out that facebook login page grouping who are friends in the tufted networking perceive are those you mightiness blues exclusive an individual with, and different from friends in the face-to-face social opinion. Change assess the direct lie. Facebook are watching you. You and your friends can now deed event this phase with a monster projections of a u. Map viewing where change were checking rightful moments after places launched. Techcrunch illustrator mg siegler called it “facebook’s awing stygian knight-esque unfilmed check-in show. ” but it was one of the scariest things i’ve seen.

Bob: That was one of the scariest things I’ve read — back away from the keyboard slowly and have a good lie down.

Hagbard Celine: Yeah Fred, then head on over to rehab, but, ah…just to be on the safe side, stop over my place and leave your prescription meds in my care [dems good ones].

8) From FantasyXtra:

Wonderful brunette nubile lesbos sharing a chubby strapon on the couch…

I stumbled across your site a few days ago and remembered this post when I wrote my latest post at FantasyXtra. Being similar posts I added a trackback, hope you don’t mind…

Hagbard Celine: Okay…I’m listening…you got my attention….

Bob: Make up your mind which team you’re playing for, Ling Ling.

9) From Frostwire Download:

one can argue that it can go both ways

Bob: Frostwire, I’m sending you Ling Ling’s e-mail address.

10) From William Streczywilk:

Was the author very convincing, or did he miss a few points? Care to share?

I’m only a little bit drunk, I’m sorry. Please don’t judge.

I once was a boy and now I’m a girl. Do you know what if feels like?

It’s not a good idea to make me upset, and when my comments get removed I get really sad.

Everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die.

Hagbard Celine: Yeah…and everybody must get stoned — I understand, man.  Kick Out The Jams.

Bob: Mind Numbed Robot, is that you?

  1. neovictorian23 permalink
    04 December 2010 @ 16:18 16:18

    MC-5 wrote it, but The Presidents of the United States of America do a kick-ass version, too!

  2. bobbelvedere permalink*
    05 December 2010 @ 19:11 19:11

    Neo: I like both versions, but the original is the best.

  3. 07 December 2010 @ 05:45 05:45

    I turned a spam into a poem once. Melancholy, wistful, I did away with the link at the end for Adobe software.
    And then came the day I was visited by the Anthony Robbins of Spamland.

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