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Tera Patrick Is Not An Alien

30 November 2010 @ 23:15

Hagbard Celine reporting — Though it is obvious to anyone who looks up from her chest [and not many have] that she is of Thai, Dutch, and English descent, actress Tera Patrick was actually born in Montana, Rule 5 News has learned.

In other TeraNews, Miss Patrick will not be appearing in the latest Alyssa Milano Made-For-Cable Movie, Sundays At Tiffany’s, despite the claims of one Robert Stacy McCain that the film is the BEST. CABLE. MOVIE. EVAH!

Enough with the news, here’s the pictures:


  1. 30 November 2010 @ 23:19 23:19

    I’m not sure but if you look hard enough, there might be a naked picture or two of her.

  2. Erich Madden permalink
    01 December 2010 @ 00:37 00:37

    Naked pictures? On the internet? Scandalous! Say it ain’t so!

  3. 01 December 2010 @ 09:37 09:37

    If she is an alien, take me to her planet!!!

  4. 01 December 2010 @ 12:33 12:33

    If I ever get a shot at her, she may be the death of me but what a way to go.

  5. thecampofthesaints permalink*
    01 December 2010 @ 17:13 17:13

    Dave, as you well know, we keep it PG-13 here at TCOTS because we have a lot of ladies who visit the site. This fact, however, does not stop me from doing private research.

  6. Erich Madden permalink
    01 December 2010 @ 21:43 21:43

    I’m not sure if Ms. Patrick is PG-13 even when she is fully clothed. 🙂

    • bobbelvedere permalink*
      01 December 2010 @ 23:23 23:23

      Erich: Good point.


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