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Cui Malo*

30 November 2010 @ 11:46

Regarding this whole SickiLeaks, er, WikiLeaks controversy, I think Jay Tea, over at Wizbang, has come up with the most plausible answers to the very pertinent question raised by Stacy McCain:

…The White House issues a bland statement, but am I the only one who has noticed that WikiLeaks didn’t seem to have unfettered access to America’s top secrets until the Obama administration came to town?

In a posting entitled Cui Bono? [trans: Who Benefits?], Jay Tea has four possible answers, all of which, it seems to me, are probably true in varying degrees, but, knowing the thinking of the people Obama brought into his Administration at all levels, I’d bet this is a main one [tip of the fedora to Stacy McCain]:

The Obama administration is either actively allowing the leaks or tolerating them. They have made it clear, by word and deed, that they view certain things as a zero-sum game: if something makes the Bush administration look bad, then it helps them. The majority of the WikiLeaks material have been from the Bush years.

However, this reason shares the main stage with another…

Let’s face it: Barack Hussein Obama, his wife, and the vast majority of his minions at Court are one-worlders in the best Socialist/Marxist tradition.  They believe that society can be re-engineered to produce Heaven On Earth.  In order for such a goal to be reached, the same standards and polices must be enforced uniformly across the whole of the world.  Such entities as nation-states are nuisances to be ignored, at first, and eventually discarded, eliminated, when politically feasible.  We are, as far as they are concerned, in the phase of ignoring national boundaries.  This stealth practice is necessary, his brand of Leftists believe, because the world is not yet ready to embrace Socialism in the open [for a full explanation of this strategy, please read Stanley Kurtz’s Radical-In-Chief].  Hence, their practice of undermining national sovereignty piece-by-piece, one baby step at a time.

The releases of documents by the self-loathing Westerners at WikiLeaks and the Obama Administration’s mild response to the compromising of the national security of The United States raise the very rational suspicion that the leaks were either authorized or encouraged or seen as something positive by the President Of The United States.

If one of the three reasons/motivations is true, it means that the President and some of his minions have committed Treason.

* trans: Who suffers a detriment?

  1. 30 November 2010 @ 14:57 14:57

    Cui Malo? That might be Hillary. Her reputation as Sec State and thus on the world stage may have been compromised over this.

  2. David R. Graham permalink
    01 December 2010 @ 05:01 05:01

    Those possibilities are possible, surely. There are other possibilities as well:

    1- Blood Poison and her/his administration are genuinely disinterested in what happens to USA because, as you say, they hate it, therefore, they can respond only feebly to provocations, if at all.

    2- As another blogger has suggested, this is psyops by GWB-era operatives doing paybacks and making a legitimate point (don’t leak, it’ll bite you!) to the GWB-era leakers at CIA, NYT and DOS. Illustration of double-edged sword.

    3- That Ass-angel (Althouse’s pun) isn’t mort weeks ago proves that large systems (in this case US Government and others) cannot operate to protect themselves and in fact operate to destroy themselves by pulling everything into themselves (e.g., TSA). National security and operations research operators across the globe are taking note of this fact, which they knew theoretically but until now had not seen, or had not seen so clearly, in operation.

    4- And surely there are other possibilities, especially the probability that all of the observations in re Sikileaks (good satire, BTW), as you imply, are accurate.

    Finally, treason is what Blood Poison started out and went in intending and has carried through with relish and accomplishment. He’s happy camper. No one who can is willing to stop him, save the Mamma Grizzly. (Fear, greed and, mostly, laziness have them impotent.) Well, excepting Mamma Grizzly, no one this side of God, who’s been doing a job if I read the evidence accurately.

    It remains my estimate that bullets (which can be mis-aimed but not corrupted) as well as ballots (which can be mis-aimed and corrupted, as recently reaffirmed) are contributors to victory over professors, financiers, clerics and bureaucrats scheming to enslave God’s playmates.

    Wolverines, uh, Grizzlies … and God!

  3. 01 December 2010 @ 12:04 12:04

    Defending State secrets seems very anti-Kirkean to me. I say the more secrets exposed, the better off we all are in the end.

    Your faith in government is highly misplaced. Democrat or Republican, today’s federal government is not on your side, nor is it your friend. It steals your money, kills your brothers, and now even reaches down your pants.

    King George III was a better friend of the People than our “bipartisan” federal government is today. Think about it. You know it’s true.


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