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  1. M. Thompson permalink
    25 November 2010 @ 15:55 15:55

    Of course, Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. 25 November 2010 @ 15:57 15:57

    Happy Thanksgiving Bob!

  3. Adobe Walls permalink
    25 November 2010 @ 16:55 16:55

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, may the days following not be as medically interesting as the days leading up to this holiday.

  4. 25 November 2010 @ 18:49 18:49

    Methinks I need to invest in a blunderbuss. Some fine examples of stylish self reliance on display here Bob, as ever.
    Thanks for the mention, my friend.
    I’m off now to meet some old friends for the annual “Turkey Jam.” should be an interesting musical evening. Hope I don’t fall asleep behind the drums. lol

  5. 25 November 2010 @ 22:18 22:18

    Bob, only you could mix Rule 5 and Thanksgiving. Well done sir, and Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. 25 November 2010 @ 23:17 23:17

    Hugs and lots of turkey with all the fixin’s to you, Bob – hope you had a joyful Thanksgiving, dear patriot.

    Today we feast, and tomorrow, we again battle the beast… Beautiful Rule 5 today, thumbs up.

  7. 26 November 2010 @ 11:29 11:29

    Bob: Happy TG, belated. Must admit that I’m quite fond of that Indian Chieftette in the last image. Thanks for the TG eye-candy.

  8. bobbelvedere permalink*
    26 November 2010 @ 22:50 22:50

    Thank you all. I can always count on my Friends In The Ether to cheer me up.

    Adobe: From your lips….

    MNR: I hope the gig went well.

    Vicki: A big old Belvedere hug back.

    LA: I wish I knew who she was. If she’s Cherokee, she may be a distant relative.


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