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The Spot-On Quote Of The Day…

05 November 2010 @ 18:33

…is awarded to Stacy McCain, Road Man for The Lords Of Karma, for this comeback/quip to those Democratic-Socialist Congressional staffers who will be losing their jobs:

There is already a serious unemployment crisis looming among Democrats:

The Great Shellacking of 2010 will throw more than 2,000 Democratic congressional staffers out of their jobs.

Yeah. Sucks to be you, huh?


ROTFLMAO [but making sure not to spill my drink].

  1. 05 November 2010 @ 19:27 19:27

    And they are going to want sympathy? I know exactly where it is. In the dictionary somewhere between shit and syphilis.

  2. Erich Madden permalink
    06 November 2010 @ 23:53 23:53

    Things are not so bad for many of those Democrap staffers as it might seem. There are still many congressional RINOs left who would likely be willing to hire them, and with very little change in direction required on their part.

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