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Everything You Need To Know About Voter Fraud

28 October 2010 @ 11:46

It’s important we all know what to look for and how the Leftists plan to do it.  And don’t kid yourself for one second: the Left has launched a massive campaign to try and steal as many elections as possible because (1) they know the majority of Americans have turned against them and (2) they live my the motto ‘By Any Means Necessary’.

Over at Conservative Hideout, Matt has been doing great work covering every aspect of this whole issue [he deserves a goddamn medal for all the grunt work].

This posting will try to link every one of his I can find.  They’re all well-worth reading and will arm you with the knowledge necessary to understand and uncover what the Progressives are up to.

-I recommend starting off with this one, Voter Fraud: Unravelling The Progressive Puzzle.  A highlight:

As time wears on, we are seeing more and more of the Democrat/”progressive” voter fraud machine exposed. We’re seeing hypocrisy, electioneering, the “Secretary of State Project,” fake registrations, and now, claims of intimidation. So let’s take a look at all the factors, in context, and see where it all leads us.

-How groups like ACORN do it [11 June].

Voter fraud in Texas [26 August].

It’s Time To Discuss Voter Fraud [09 September].  A highlight:

It’s not lost on anyone that the upcoming midterms are perhaps the most important in the history of this nation. Given that level of importance, it is definitely time to discuss voter fraud. It’s been said that, in certain parts of the US, that a GOP candidate being up one or two points will lose due to voter fraud.

Why would folks say that? Well, the evidence is voluminous.

As you will see if you follow the link.

-Folks, this is not paranoia.  The Left believes it is above the law because it believes it has found THE ANSWER to ‘making the world a better place’ [ie: Immanentizing The Eschaton] and it realizes that the majority of people do not believe that an ANSWER can be found, so, to combat this ‘ignorance’, the Left believes it must force it’s ideas and schemes by any means necessary.

True The Vote: Voter Fraud In Texas [27 September].

More Voting Shenanigans: SEIU Group Caught Twice [23 October]

Quick Hits: Problems Already Emerging With Voting [27 October]

Please keep checking in with Matt over at Conservative Hideout.  This voter thanks you for all of your hard work.

  1. 28 October 2010 @ 20:07 20:07

    Thanks for all the kind words, Bob. Hopefully, collecting all of this information will make a difference.

  2. bobbelvedere permalink*
    29 October 2010 @ 08:01 08:01

    Matt: You’re very welcome. It’s helped me understand better what’s going on. These are the times that try men’s souls…


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