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Notes From The Campaign Trail: 27 October 2010 A.D.

27 October 2010 @ 20:27

Countdown: Six days from today is D-Day.

-Over at Red State, Red State Insider has obtained a video of what Radical Leftist Activist Lauren Valle was doing the moments before she was allegedly head stomped.

Regarding the head stomp: having watched the video a number of times, it seems Tim Profitt was trying to maintain his foot on the woman’s shoulder and it slipped.  This appears to be an efficient way to restrain someone’s arm and upper chest movements.  If you watch the video, you will see that Valle rushed Rand Paul’s car and got to his open window.  My first thought, had I been in the crowd would have been ‘does she have a knife or gun?’.  I disagree with those who think Mr. Profitt should apologize.  In such a situation, in the heat of the moment, when you believe you may be dealing with an armed person, accidents happen in the act of restraining said person [I use this same logic in commenting on police restraint cases].  In the aftermath of the incident, it is obvious, Mzzz. Valle was seeking to provoke the incident.  She is a Leftist agitator who lives for such moments.

-Stacy McCain has investigated Valle and those who employed her to stage this incident and has filed a very enlightening report over at The American Spectator and an addendum here.

-I have to admit that, when it comes to Meg Whitman [or is it Whit-Less?], I have seen here as merely the lesser of evils in the race for California Governor.  Stacy has report on why, it seems, I was justified.  A highlight [Mike friggin’ Murphy!!!]:

Just as I hate to think a mere poll conclusively proves that GOP hopes in California are as extinct as a mastodon in the La Brea tar pits, I hesitate to judge people based on press accounts. But after reading this story about Whitman’s campaign spending, the obvious question is: Why would Republicans expect anyone to vote for such a damned fool?

To my California friends: you may be doomed — doomed I say!  Welcome to The [Condemned] Hotel California.

-If you need a list of all of the Congressional Districts and the candidates for each seat that you can access quickly, Wikipedia has an excellent page available here.

-Matthew Vadum reviews the latest zombie flick: Night Of The Living ACORN [tip of the fedora to Wombat-Socho]

-Michelle Malkin’s latest article is on the Left’s whitewashing of voter fraud with additional, useful links.

-The Mind Numbed Robot has published a very good aggregation of links to posts concerning voter fraud.

  1. Adobe Walls permalink
    27 October 2010 @ 21:44 21:44

    Who in their right mind would want to be Governor of California. In spite of all the moonbats there are a lot of good people in California. I know it’s hard to leave a place you love but they are boned totally. On the bright side at some point they get to find out if actual “Thunderdomes” are as awesome as they seemed in the movies.

  2. 27 October 2010 @ 22:32 22:32

    I’m thinking that California deserves what it gets. Maybe if they collapse, it’ll really convince people that failure is the final destination of liberalism.

  3. bobbelvedere permalink*
    28 October 2010 @ 09:54 09:54

    Adobe: I wants to see me some Thunderdomes.

    Matt: Well, California has a history of exporting cultural trends to the rest of the nation, so why not?

  4. 28 October 2010 @ 10:30 10:30

    Thanks for the link, Bob!
    BTW, is that hipster grooving the the soothing sounds of Bill Clinton’s sexophone?

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