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Today’s Delusional Moment Is Brought To You By…

14 October 2010 @ 14:37

…comes courtesy of our old pal, the center of the Universe, The Light and The Way, Barry de Jesus Hussein Obamessiah.

From Fox News:

In a seeming twist on the post-1994 midterm calculation made by President Bill Clinton — when Republicans pummeled Democrats in the congressional election — Obama said he thinks Republicans will have to move in his direction no matter the outcome of the Nov. 2 vote.

“It may be that regardless of what happens after this election, they feel more responsible,” he is quoted saying in the Sunday edition of The New York Times Magazine, “either because they didn’t do as well as they anticipated, and so the strategy of just saying no to everything and sitting on the sidelines and throwing bombs didn’t work for them, or they did reasonably well, in which case the American people are going to be looking to them to offer serious proposals and work with me in a serious way.”

As William Teach, Fleet Admiral of The Pirate’s Cove, comments:

That’s funny, because I believe the reason there will be a wave of Republicans elected is because Americans want the GOP to block, stop, and roll back the Obama/Democrat agenda. They do not want the GOP to work with Obama, they want Obama to work with the Republicans to fix the issues, quite a few which were caused by and/or aggravated.


If Barry really believes this then he is on something, and it proves, once and for all, if there was any doubt, that he is the capo di tutti capi of Narcissists.

However, the bastard may luck out if the GOP Leadership does it’s usual March Of The Wooden Wimps and betrays those who trusted them.

  1. 14 October 2010 @ 20:55 20:55

    How can a man so lacking in gravitas think he has enough gravity to suck the GOP in…?

  2. Erich Madden permalink
    14 October 2010 @ 21:57 21:57

    @richard – ….because the GOP has a long track record of proving how very, very easily they are sucked in. (Also, if there is one thing Barry is good at, it is sucking!)

  3. Fulminacio Escalante permalink
    15 October 2010 @ 02:42 02:42

    Teach’s confidence here is not grounded, IMHO. Consider this. If “As California goes so goes the nation.” is true, we are facing at worst slavery to but more likely death by Afro-Mohammedan Imperialists and at best desperate, prolonged, bloody — and probably unsuccessful — civil war … as in shooting, starvation, pestilence, destruction and hysteria … along with zero electronic communications.

    It is as important not to overestimate the occupiers of the White House, Congress and the Judiciary as it is not to underestimate them. They are befuddled by cocaine, marijuana, voodoo, laziness and its obverse (burn out), homosexuality and the blandishments of power itself, to be sure. Yet has the electorate the ever powerful “habituation” or force of habit driven by fear of the devil unknown and submission to the one known, the powers that be.

    We shall see, obviously, which way this is to go. Personally, I expect the corrective force coming from outside the American electorate, not from inside it. After all, that electorate installed this A-H-in-Chief, Congress and Judiciary. It is perhaps implausible to think that electorate would reverse its course.

    It has intrigued me of late that the Army of Rama, ranged against the Army of Ravana, comprised monkeys and bears (animals, beasts) whilst the Army of Ravana comprised demonic personalities (rakshasas, ogres, ogresses and the like). There’s a tactical and a strategic lesson there..

    Here’s a suggestion for bringing down these termagants who call themselves politicians and bureaucrats: defund their teachers, the liberal arts professoriate, and pester one’s classmates and schoolmates to do likewise. Stop contributing to the Alma Mater personally and ask one’s senators and representatives at all levels of government to do likewise. That’ll get the teachers’, the true bad actors’, attention!

  4. Roxeanne de Luca permalink
    15 October 2010 @ 15:34 15:34

    First, it is comedy gold to hear “Blame Bush” talk about taking responsibility. What a moron.


    in which case the American people are going to be looking to them to offer serious proposals and work with me in a serious way.”

    ROFLMAO. Seriously? Okay, this definitively answers the question of “Did Obama understand the meaning of the Scott Brown election?” with a resounding F— NO! Beyond that, does this brain trust, Mr. Harvard Law Review, really not understand that if the American people wanted to elect representatives who would work with Obama, then they would put Democrats in, and if they wanted to block his agenda (preferably with a 2×4 if not a line of heavily-armed Marines), they would elect Republicans?

    What crack is Michelle putting in his coffee?

  5. bobbelvedere permalink*
    15 October 2010 @ 23:02 23:02

    Roxe, Roxe, Roxe: Barry thinks the sun shines out of his arse. I wish he were on something because then there would be the possibility of a cure. HE’S LIKE THIS SOBER!


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