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Question Of The Day

12 October 2010 @ 21:02

This time it comes courtesy of David Axelrod.

In his latest Political Roundup, Paco published this item:

Haw! Even Bob Schieffer of CBS isn’t buying the White House attack on the Chamber of Commerce. David Axelrod, however, doubles down on the stupid.

SCHIEFFER: Now, I want to ask you about that because the New York Times looked into the Chamber specifically and said the Chamber really isn’t putting foreign money into the campaign. that it does charge its foreign affiliates dues that bring in less than $100,000 a year. A lot of organizations, including labor unions, do that. But the Chamber has an annual budget of $200 million. Along with that it keeps these foreign dues separate. They do spend heavily in politics — $25 million so far. They expect to spend $50 million. But this part about foreign money, that appears to be peanuts, Mr. Axelrod. do you have any evidence that it’s anything other than peanuts?

AXELROD: Well, do you have any evidence that it’s not, Bob?

Glad you asked that question, Gravy Davey: it’s people like you what gives slime a bad name.  You truly are the piece of Sharia that proves Bob Belvedere’s Rule #3 For Leftists:

If you want to know what the those on the Left are doing in a particular situation, just look and see what they’re accusing the Right of doing. You’ve heard of ‘The Big Lie’, this is ‘The Big Deception’

Why don’t you crawl back into the primordial ooze that is your home and where all of your friends and associates dwell.  The rest of us will then be able to continue trying to do what is moral and right — concepts servile smegma like yourself have no conception of.

David Axelrod being carried to a meeting by his secretary.

  1. 12 October 2010 @ 21:12 21:12

    Haw, Haw!!!

  2. M. Thompson permalink
    12 October 2010 @ 22:26 22:26

    That’s a geoduck, a clam native to the Pacific NW. It’s FAR more useful in cookery than many of those guys are in many undertakings.

    • bobbelvedere permalink*
      12 October 2010 @ 23:29 23:29

      MT: I wish Axelrod would clam up.

      Maggie: I haven’t heard anything from Bunni – I’m worried about her.
      I’ll try to express my emotions more openly in future.

  3. 12 October 2010 @ 23:22 23:22

    It discouraging Bob, I’m never quite sure what you think:-) Where did you find that awful pic?

    I was shocked at Schieffer. He didn’t hand the reigns to Axelrod, and I suppose Axelrod thought his response was pithy, when it just pitiful.

    And hey, have you heard from Bunni?

  4. 13 October 2010 @ 01:01 01:01

    Love the photo, Bob — but love the CAPTION even more.

    You’re such a cheeky rascal… I mean that in a good way.

    Axelrod and primordial ooze… a match made in heaven

    • bobbelvedere permalink*
      13 October 2010 @ 07:58 07:58

      Vicki: I always appreciate it when a gal calls me that.

  5. 13 October 2010 @ 15:06 15:06

    Better not let Barney Fwanker anywhere near that bi-valve….

    • bobbelvedere permalink*
      13 October 2010 @ 16:25 16:25

      LA: Bwarney’s not into bi!

  6. 13 October 2010 @ 16:50 16:50

    That’s just an insult to geoducks.

    Incidentally, I am stealing the phrase “piece of Sharia”, thanks.

    • bobbelvedere permalink*
      13 October 2010 @ 17:39 17:39

      RebeccaH: As a public service and because I’m a citizen of the world, I’m putting that phrase in the public domain so all may enjoy!

  7. Oxbay permalink
    14 October 2010 @ 22:09 22:09

    Going by the picture at the bottom of the piece Axelrod is a real prick.

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