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Trying To Be All Things To All Aggrieved Peoples

30 September 2010 @ 14:29

Poor Little Barry. 

From Dan Collins, over at Piece Of Work In Progress:

…One of Obama’s problems with his gay supporters is that he has to be blacker than black to maintain the approval of his most stalwart constituency, and that means intolerance towards gays relative to to other racial designations. I’m sure that Progressives will point to the prevalence of Christian fundamentalism among black Americans, but I think that if anyone bothered to poll, they’d find less correlation than the Proggs would like.

Is this age of the Internet, where sharing and finding data is so easy even a caveman can do it, it’s tougher than it ever has been to please the diverse constituencies the Democrats have to cater to in order to maintain useful levels of support.  Time was, you could tell one group you believed in A and then go and tell another group that you believed in anti-A, and neither group would know about it.  It must really tick-off The Anointed One that one can no longer get away with this kind of pandering.  Hell, the Nancy-Boy-In-Chief even has to worry about someone bringing in a small digital audio recorder to one of his high-falutin’, zillion-dollars-a-head fundraisers [see: bitter clingers], recording his just-between-you-me-and-the-quiche remarks, and posting them on some evil Breibartian website.

It’s so damn hard being the Locus of Enlightenment in the world, ain’t it Junior?

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