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Get On De BUSS, Man: Alan Grayson Is Not Scum…

30 September 2010 @ 20:41

…Scum actually serves a useful purpose in the cycle of life!

We are the proud members of

BUSS: Bloggers United to Support Scum

And we are growing in number every day.

Representative Alan Grayson of Florida [D-Bat Sh-t Crazy] has been going around acting like scum, but he is actually ‘a few eons of evolution from being as worthwhile as scum is’, as our President Gator Doug has said.

We are the proud members of BUSS
and our members come from all walks of bloglife…

Corporate CEOs like Paco
‘Can’t wait to see Grayson (Gorilla gorilla floridensis) subdued and returned to whatever zoo he escaped from.’

Future King of The Blogosphere, Robert Stacy McCain
[also friend of Alyssa Milano]
‘Allan Grayson is the disease-causing bacteria which infect the parasitical worms found in putrid diarrhetic feces oozing from the rectums of scavengers that prey upon maggots which grow in the decaying carcasses of poisonous vipers that die after eating insects which consume tainted scum.’

Sexy women like Carol, Mistress of Carol’s Closet
‘I’m not sure that I would have been quite so kind.’

Internet Wizards like Ed Daley
‘I think we can all agree with that assessment of Grayson, who has been giving douchebags a bad name for years!’

The Charon of The Blogosphere, The Gateway Pundit
‘Alan Grayson Hates Children, Hates Seniors, Loves Satan’.

Musician and Part-Time Hammerhead Shark, Mike Hendrix
[the man who put the ‘cold’ and the ‘fury’ in Cold Fury]
‘Also humps dead dogs, bites the heads off fluffy bunnies, and boils human babies alive for relaxation.’

Vicki McClure Davidson, Empress of Frugal
‘Grayson’s website claims he’s a man “with guts.” No one’s saying if those guts are pig, hyena, or skunk.’

We are all united in our mission to show that scum, be it of the pond or shower stall variety, is a useful member of life on the planet Earth, whereas Alan Grayson is not.

He is lower than the primordial ooze.

He is nothing but an unorganized grabastic piece of amphibian shit.

[Disclaimer: BUSS is a 905E.33572XX organization that is not associated or affliated in any way with public or private transit organizations or with the people of Jamaica]

  1. 30 September 2010 @ 21:22 21:22

    I guess primordial ooze is even lower than whale scat on the bottom of the ocean.

  2. 30 September 2010 @ 21:51 21:51

    I once had a dog who got old and had some skin problems. She shook off one day and I swear Alan Grayson was splashed on the wall. Ick.

  3. 30 September 2010 @ 22:25 22:25

    Thanks for the link, Bob!

  4. KingShamus permalink
    01 October 2010 @ 09:40 09:40

    Can I join this fine organization as well? I despise Alan Grayballs too.

  5. 01 October 2010 @ 15:09 15:09

    “Giving douchebags a bad name for years….” LOLOL, now thats good. Love the Roundup! I’m going to be kinda sad to see Grayson go…it means I’ll have to go back to laughing at Michael Moore and dogs with three legs. : (

  6. bobbelvedere permalink*
    01 October 2010 @ 19:20 19:20

    thatmrguy: ‘Tis. Although it’s above Rosie O’Donnell ooze.

    Lonely Conservative: I feel you pain.

    Paco: Thanks for finally classifying It.

    Your Majesty: Why, you were named the first member ex officio, of course!

    JakeG: Such are the sacrifices we have to make For Duty And Humanity!


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