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The Spot-On Quote Of The Day…

25 September 2010 @ 15:36

…is awarded to Jimmie Bise, proprietor of the world-famous The Sundries Shack [where Humble Pie is 2 for 1 this week if you show your DNC ID!], for understanding that the Kool Aid the Progressives have been drinking was laced with LSD:

In other words, despite being confronted with thousands of protesters practically begging them not to pass government-run health care, Democrats assumed they were all frauds paid and organized by the Republican Party. Think about how many ridiculous facts they had to assume in order to hold this belief in their heads. The Republican Party had never shown interest in or aptitude for organizing mass protests. The party apparatus that would have headed up such an operation wasn’t exactly rolling in cash and there were no right-wing sugar daddies ready to dump a few million dollars into a GOP version of MoveOn or Code Pink. The party itself was busy fighting over Sarah Palin and the incompetent campaign of its last nominee. It was dispirited and damaged. Nevertheless, within a year of Barack Obama’s inauguration, hundreds of thousands of people were hitting the streets and town halls, many times on very short notice, financed and wrangled by that very same Republican Party.

Well, they’re about to learn a very valuable lesson about why it’s a very bad idea to unzip and take a five-beer whiz on the American voters….


Bob’s Message to the Democratic Fascist Socialist Workers Beta-Males Feminazi Party: Hey Clydes, you know, don’t you, that the nickname for the Republican Party is ‘The Stupid Party’?  Sure you do.  How in Gaia’s name could you think they would have the organizing skills, let alone brains devious enough to come up with a astroturfing plan on the level of what you and your Bolshe comrades do all the time?  Think about it — think real hard — do you really think McConnell, Boner [sic], Rove, et. al. possess your skills and talents for organizing little soviets?  What have you been smoking?

  1. Erich Madden permalink
    25 September 2010 @ 23:06 23:06

    If you tell a lie often enough, with enough enthusiasm, you begin to believe it, even if you knew it was a lie when you started, and regardless of how much evidence there is to the contrary.

    For a long time the Democrats have, with a large degree of success, been selling the story that the Republicans are the “Party of The Rich”, controlled and run solely by billionaires for their own interests, rolling in ill-gotten funding stolen by said billionaires from “The Poor”. Said Billionaires head up a highly-organized, secretive Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy, presumably meeting in a dark, secret chamber underneath FoxNews Headquarters to come up with plans to exploit the “Working Class”. All enthusiasm and support for the Republicans, the story goes, is bought and paid for by the evil conspiracy of “The Rich”, and only Democrats can muster grass-roots support.

    The Democrat establishment have been playing this tune for so long, and so successfully, that they have forgotten that they were the ones who made up the lie, and now they believe in their own bogeyman!

  2. Fulminacio Escalante permalink
    26 September 2010 @ 14:02 14:02

    As I see it, Bise has it almost right.

    It is true that the “Democratic Fascist Socialist Workers Beta-Males Feminazi Party” gins up its base by spreading fear of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy (i.e., the Republican Party). However, it is not true that the party’s leadership, at any level, believes that lie. Their extent and rate of success argues that they see all the real negatives of the Republican Party — and the American voter! — and calculate accordingly, with steady, seemingly ineluctable success.

    They are not entirely Beta-Males, therefore, unless one assumes that promiscuity is a beta profile, which is not an unwarranted assumption, although it deserves demonstration.

    What Bise is not observing in this quote, as I see it, is the fact that the leadership of the “Democratic Fascist Socialist Workers Beta-Males Feminazi Party” calculates that, whether or not their propaganda achieves its objective, their grip on the levers of power is so exhaustive that they need have no concern for the American voter and can take as many gratuitous five-beer whizzes on said voter as they wish and as they have been doing over and over again with the utmost delight, savoring their sadism. They enjoy punking the American voter and see nothing to restrain their continuing in that act, least of all the Republican Party, which is complicit in the punking.

    During the 18th and 19th Centuries, it was, generally, family-owned corporate (including institutional religious) interests which kept numbers of people in small lives toiling to support owners’ large ones. Gradually, voters led by clergy and academics used unions and governments to gain leverage on owners (who included husbands), and for several decades some balance of back and forth, the ordinary push and pull of life that is essential to providing society’s peace and freedom, obtained generally.

    (Heraclitus: “War [conflict] is the father of all things [including peace and prosperity].”)

    That balance has been undone by the same people (clergy and academics) and groups (unions and governments) who made it. But not only have they got virtually all groups to follow them to one end of the balance, undoing it, they have actually lifted the balance bar (free associations and governments) off its fulcrum and broken the balance bar in two, casting it away by the specious argument that its presence is mooted by their omniscience, omnipresence and omnipotence.

    The “Democratic Fascist Socialist Workers Beta-Males Feminazi Party” (I like that designation) claims to be God, or at least enough god for voters to adore and fix loyalty upon in perpetuity. Their error is not in the political dimension. It is in the spiritual dimension, which is far larger and more compelling than the political dimension (cf. Hegel and his students Marx and Kierkegaard, and also Nietzsche). This is the fact Bise appears not to have observed. This fact makes the situation far more dangerous than Bise ruminates upon in this statement by him.

  3. Fulminacio Escalante permalink
    26 September 2010 @ 14:33 14:33

    In the foregoing comment, I neglected to mention that the fulcrum mentioned is justice. With that in mind, the following paragraph may be appended:

    The fulcrum of justice, thankfully, is immovable, being an aspect of the Divine Base, and today a new balance bar to be placed on it is under construction. Following an effusion of blood and tears, and long, hard work (Heraclitus’ “war”), that balance bar will rest atop the fulrcum of justice, which has not moved and never will. Then the ordinary push and pull of life will produce its moments of peace, its experiences of prosperity (balancings of life’s polar opposites) here and there, comme il faut.

  4. bobbelvedere permalink*
    27 September 2010 @ 19:06 19:06

    Erich and Fulminacio: Both arguments very well put and well reasoned – bravo.

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