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It’s Don’t Wear Tie Dye Day, ‘Cause It’s Ten Buck Friday!

25 September 2010 @ 00:25

Better late than never, I always say when I’m really, really late…apologies…


‘Hey Bob, old buddy, old pal!  What in the name of tarnation is Ten Buck Friday?’, you ask.

Dame Maggie, Lady of the House of Maggie’s Notebook, has the details over at her emporium.  A highlight it:

Conscientiously Conservative came up with a great idea. Each Friday she is donating $10 to a worthy conservative candidate now up to the November election. Several bloggers have joined the effort. Note that, if $10 is too much, do less, or do more if you can. The point is to get it on our calendars and in our minds – rather than putting it off for another time.

She’s got all the details on how easy it is to participate and what to do here.  There’s even a page for it on something called ‘Facebook’ [where looks matter, I think].

The winner of this week’s poll is Jesse Kelly, who is running to unseat incumbent Gabrielle Giffords in Arizona-08 [she’s an Obama Zombie, FYI].  Right Klik has the details here*:

His campaign site is located here*: 

* WordPress is acting up, so I have to provide the links this way
and I can’t run Spellcheck.
UPDATE at 0029: This post should have been published Friday
Evening, but WordPress was having problems.

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