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Mattie Fein Has Just The Right Line [Updated Below]

16 September 2010 @ 11:54

I don’t know much about where exactly Mattie Fein, who is running to unseat Representative Jane Harman on CA-36, stands on individual issues.  I know that, in general, she’s on the Right.  After her heavy promotion by Stacy McCain and the attention-getting ad done by Ladd Ehlinger, my goal was to visit her campaign site soon and find out.  But, I have been saved that task by the fact that she has penned a guest posting over at The Other McCain that convinces me Miss Fein is the exact kind of person we need in the Congress.

The whole piece is a must-read for reasons I will go into in a moment, but the final line was the one that absolutely cinched the deal for me:

A majority is one woman with chutzpah.

That’s the Wolverine Spirit!

As Stacy has written and said many times: ‘We need fighters’ if we have any hope of restoring our freedoms and liberties and she’s obviously a warrior.

Miss Fein’s posting partially chronicles her fight against a deaf and blind GOP Establishment [where have we seen that before] that shows us in enough detail the problems that people like her and Christine O’Donnell and other Candidates Of The Restoration are facing if they aren’t anointed with the Holy Elephant Oil by the Gelded Cardinals of the Grand Old Party.   A highlight:

Crickets: My race has been a bouillabaisse of RNC State leaders not returning my calls or assisting in endorsements. I have never heard from Kevin McCarthy or the NRCC since that initial meeting. My requests for past research in their libraries (which I know exists and costs them nothing) have gone unanswered. I know for a fact that other congressional candidates near my district have received the same snub.

Back-Dealing: When I met with Bob Livingston (former Congressman from Louisiana) to request assistance on my campaign, he was more concerned about the loybbying clients Jane Harman referred to him. And, I suppose, cocktail parties with the Harman’s at the Shakespeare Theatre in DC.

Miss Fein also takes on The Architect!*, Karl Rove:

Who is Rove to say what is baggage and what isn’t? Here is a man who kept a “list” of Republicans who towed the line and who didn’t. Perhaps he needs to look at his own baggage before deciding the viability of others. Wasn’t Rove supposed to be the architect of the “20 year Republican majority?” How has that worked out?

Rove undoubtedly would have a field day deconstructing my candidacy, personal life, or viability. A note to Rove on my candidacy: Bring it on.

You’ve got to love her attitude [Master Karl should be forced to write one thousand times on his little draw board ‘I will not be such a dickhead weasel’].

Please do head on over to The Other McCain and read the whole piece, and throw Mattie a few bucks while you’re at it so she can continue to buck The Stupid Party.


SIDENOTE: Over at Ric’s Rulez, Ric Locke has put together a very informative short-history of the GOP in modern California that does a fine job of explaining why the Left Coast Branch of The Stupid Party is composed of such a bunch of fools.

UPDATE on 17SEP2010 at 0941…

Filmmaker and Political-Ad-Man Extraordinaire, Ladd Ehlinger Tweeted this posting and said some very nice things about it.  Many thanks to him.

* The Architect of what?  Answer: Epic Failure.

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