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The 09-12 March: My Life Is My Own

13 September 2010 @ 10:57

That is the one of the main themes of every TEA Party event: the government doesn’t own me; I am the sovereignty that owns the government.

Stacy McCain has filed a report over at The American Spectator on the 9-12 Taxpayers March On Washington.  His opening paragraphs:

Brianna Aubin stood in the front row of the rally on the West Lawn of the Capitol, holding aloft a sign hand-lettered in green: “Because my life is mine by right and will not be used to maintain a world that doesn’t know it.”

That slogan was paraphrased from a monologue spoken by Francisco d’Anconia in Ayn Rand’s classic libertarian novel Atlas Shrugged. “I read it in high school, but it wasn’t until the past year that I realized how accurate it was,” said Aubin, a 25-year-old who had traveled from Illinois to D.C. for the event.

Aubin was among the thousands who turned out for the second “9-12 Taxpayer March on Washington” organized by FreedomWorks. Liberal bloggers gloated that the attendance for Sunday’s event was significantly smaller than the previous year, but this year’s march came only two weeks after a crowd estimated at upwards of 300,000 showed up for Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor” event at the Lincoln Memorial. While observers debated Sunday’s crowd size, Massachusetts blogger Pete Ingemi offered a more concrete analysis: “Today was tens of thousands and Beck had hundreds of thousands, but the only numbers that really matter are the numbers on November 2.”

Indeed, with seven weeks to go until the crucial mid-term congressional elections, conservatives have turned their attention to the project of transforming protest-rally activism into the kind of disciplined mobilization that produces tangible political results. Time is short and the task is large, and the challenge for Republicans is to find some way to harness this grassroots energy.

[Over at his base HQ, Stacy has a picture of Miss Aubin and a few more thoughts.]

-I am happy to see the spirit of Atlas Shrugged infused in the TEA Party movement.  Quibble with Ayn Rand’s philosophy all you will [and there is a heck of a lot that is wrong or misguided about it], but the vital principles of it are a positive force.  It is animated by a deep respect for the rights of the individual and a strong desire to be left alone to live one’s life as one sees fit as long as others are not harmed through no fault of their own.  It is spirit that makes one a rebel with a cause — preserving, protecting, and defending freedom and our precious liberties.

This is the same spirit that infused Patrick McGoohan’s series The Prisoner and from whence this posting’s title came:

NUMBER 6: I will not be pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, debriefed or numbered. My life is my own.

I think it safe to say that most of us on the Right feel exactly this way these days. 


And we also share this thought with Mr. McGoohan about the Left and the Useful Idiots, Dupes, and Fellow Travellers who support it:

NUMBER 6: Unlike me, many of you have accepted the situation of your imprisonment, and will die here like rotten cabbages.

-Smitty attended the Rally and has posted videos and pictures here and here.  Much appreciated, old friend.

-Stacy posted a video of Tito The Builder speaking at the rally.

-DaTechguy was there and has posted a whole bunch of pictures.  He also taped the MSM watching Andrew Breitbart speak — what a genius of an idea.  With each event, Pete is becoming more and more the pro.

-As we’ve come to expect from such events, Stacy and Smitty have filed another ROTFLMAO report on their wild and wacky adventures before the Rally.

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